Our latest poll has revealed that a third of British Holidaymakers have never visited a destination outside of Europe in their holiday history. We polled a total 1,110 British holidaymakers in order to find out more about their previous holidays and where they had spent them.

34% of those polled said that they had never been outside of Europe on holiday

When asked, ‘Have you ever visited a country outside of Europe for a holiday?’ more than a third, 34% answered ‘no’.

They were then asked to explain why this was the case, to which the majority said 41% said that they had become familiar with holiday resorts in Europe and as such hadn’t tried anywhere else.

Over a fifth thought it was cheaper to holiday in Europe

Whilst familiarity was the biggest reason for holidaying in Europe, 22% also felt that it was ‘cheaper’ to holiday in Europe, which isn’t always the case. 13% claimed to have only ever been on European holidays to ‘keep flight times short’ and 6% put it down to coincidence.

One in ten said that they had never visited a European country on holiday

On the contrary, 11% of respondents said that they had never visited a country in Europe for a holiday. When asked why, 32% thought it was cheaper to holiday outside of Europe, whilst a quarter, 24% put it down to familiarity.

4% of those that chose to holiday outside of Europe said that they didn’t see the point of going on holiday unless it was to somewhere that involved a long haul flight.

7% of those polled said they ‘weren’t sure’ if they had been outside of Europe on holiday

Suggesting a lack of geographical knowledge amongst some respondents, 7% of those polled ‘weren’t sure’ if they had been on holiday outside Europe.

Of those that were yet to go outside of Europe for a holiday, more than three quarters, 78%, said they would very much like to.

When many people imagine a holiday, they immediately think of destinations such as France, Spain and Portugal and stick to European places. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to look a little further afield for a holiday. There are some really great bargains to be had to destinations outside of Europe, so make sure to have a look next time you’re thinking of booking your vacation!

Once you’ve been somewhere on holiday and enjoyed it, the temptation is to always go back there, because you know it’s good. However, remember variety is the spice of life, so we’d always recommend mixing up your holiday destinations.

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Posted : Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 at 11:00
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