Summertime is over but who says you still can’t enjoy the ocean view and have some fun?

Massachusetts is the perfect place for interesting events, exhilarating adventure and memories that will last you a lifetime! Whether you are visiting Boston or the northern Massachusetts shoreline with a friend, a partner, your family or even just want to have some alone time there is plenty of variety for everyone.

Do you want to spend the day exploring the surrounding towns? Are you looking for an awesome spot to eat? Enjoy catching up on historical sites?

No matter, take a look at a few things to do along the Massachusetts shore that can be done year-round.


Light House Dining

Maybe it’s just me but whenever I think of Boston, and practically anywhere in Massachusetts, I picture a lighthouse. Perhaps because that whole region is pretty dedicated to making sure they are so well preserved, but either way visiting Boston means visiting a lighthouse to make the trip complete. Dining in one of these lighthouses can also be accomplished by contributing to the Lighthouse Preservation Society. The Newburyport Rear Range Light in Massachusetts is the only lighthouse in America to offer that so take advantage of this unique dining experience while you’re visiting the Boston coast. It is a bit on the pricey side but if you’re looking to pop the question or celebrating any type of special event, the experience is well worth it. For up to 6 hours you’ll receive a cosy dinner within this gorgeous and well preserved lighthouse all to yourself and be able to choose from a few different (high-end) restaurants to deliver your food to you! A few words of caution: You’ll need to climb some pretty steep steps to get up to the top and there are no bathrooms up there either so make sure you go before you dine.

A ‘Singing’ Beach?! 

Yep, you read that right Massachusetts has a SINGING beach! Although it won’t be singing any Christmas carols or such each time you take a step on the sand it squeaks back to you and creates quite the interesting experience. This unique beach is located in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts and brings in quite the cool experience for everyone in your family. The beach won’t necessarily start ‘singing’ (alright it’s more of a squeak but singing sounds cooler) if you just stroll along, but if you press hard into the ground you will most definitely hear some tunes shoot back up at you. This beach is quite popular and usually filled up by 11am (even on weekdays!) so make sure you head out early!

Explore History Firsthand

In Gloucester, MA you can experience firsthand all the interesting coastal activities that go on each and every day. Gloucester is America’s oldest seaport and while visiting you should get to know the history a bit more at the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Centre. There you can find yourself observing the Massachusetts marine life, get involved in the hustle and bustle of the State Fish Pier, watch old boats being restored and even take a boating class yourself! This is most definitely an awesome learning experience to be in-the-know about all that goes on along the coastline as well as get involved firsthand.

Photos by NikiSublime, Jason Paris

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