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Does work stress make you want to leave the country?

Monday 17th January is officially ‘Blue Monday’ which is apparently the most depressing day of the year. This is due to a combination of factors, such as debt leftover from Christmas and the bad weather, but either way, we wanted to discover more about the link between stress and holidays.

We polled 1,222 employed people in the UK, to ask them more about how their job affected their holiday habits.

A third look for and book holidays after a stressful day at work

34% of the people we spoke to said they had been home after a stressful day at work and ended up looking for or booking holidays online. That’s understandable, but a fifth (22%) confessed to also looking at holidays whilst they were supposed to be working.

When delving deeper, we found that 23% of those who looked at holidays at work even went on to book a trip there and then!

Half daydream about a holiday during work hours

47% of the people we polled said that they often daydream about a holiday at work, so you’d think that when they actually got the chance to go away, they’d make sure they were completely relaxed and switched off from work. That wasn’t the case however, as 8% claimed to feel like they couldn’t ‘fully escape’ work when they went away. Of these, 39% blamed their smartphone and 1 in 10 obsessed few went to internet cafes to check e-mails.

13% want career change following holiday

Our study also found that 13% have returned home from a holiday in the past wanting a new job, following the time they had to reflect on their life and career situation.

18% of you will be trying to book a holiday in the next month and, when we asked why, half said it was in order to have something to look forward to.

Have you got your 2011 holiday booked yet? If not, start searching on now for your ideal break.

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