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100% refunds for customers

All customers who have had to cancel their bookings due to the recent disruptions caused by Volcanic Ash will receive a full refund.

Customers will receive full refunds for any hotel, transfer and parking bookings as well as receiving a refund for any flight cancellations to which they are legally entitled.

We’ve worked with all our suppliers to have all cancellation penalties removed or reduced, with most being very understanding regarding the circumstances of the current crisis. Where cancellation charges are still applied, will cover these to ensure none of our customers are penalised.

We expect to be able to start refunding customers in the next few days, however some airlines are estimating refunds may take up to 30 days. We ask for your patience and understanding, we will endeavor to refund all customers as quickly as possible.

We are still working to ensure all customers currently stranded abroad are kept informed at all times and returned to the UK as quickly as possible.

Chris Brown

Managing Director

Posted : Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 at 12:39
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23 Responses to “100% refunds for customers”

  1. Avril Morgan. says:

    Dear Sir, I would like to thank you for your prompt reply and the information for the FULL REFUND. I hope to book with you as soon as possible!
    Thank You, Avril Morgan.

  2. Chris says:

    Well done! Now thats what I call customer service… something that a lot of companies, in and out of the travel sector, could learn from!

  3. Sally Bullimore says:

    Thanks for your email, although I don’t travel for a few weeks it is very reassuring to know that a company that I am using for the first time are looking after their customers so well.
    I will certainly be recommending you to my friends, and appreciate all of your hard work on behalf of your clients.

  4. Rupert says:

    Brilliant news! I will definetely be using Sunshine in the future and will be recommending to friends and family. 2 fingers up to the insurers who refused to cover!

  5. Sue Diamond says:

    Once again we have received excellent service from Sunshine, even though we are still hoping to travel on the 22nd as flights are beginning to resume from Liverpool. Well done!

  6. carole & malcolm Webster says:

    well done Sunshine! Thank you for dealing with this so efficiently and effectively for us all – we are already disappointed about missing our holiday and to find out we will receive a FULL refund is a great relief. Thank you all again and we will definitely use Sunshine again and recommend you to all our friends and relatives.

  7. Doug Shaw says:

    Looking forward to receiving a full refund and am relieved that I do not need to do anything myself other than wait. Your email has come as a much needed relief.

  8. Tony baines says:

    Well done to ALL staff at sunshine for their hard work during this torrid disruption. I can’t have been easy for you. Keep up the good work

  9. john mcgee says:


  10. susan mcaleer says:

    Not surprised you are offering this, travellled with you for numerous years, fantastic well organised company, recommend you all the time well done

  11. DougS says:

    Awesome stuff guys.

    Well done


  12. Carol moody says:

    Well done you, we have booked with you for the first time but do not travel till August, but already glad we booked with you.

  13. JULIE BURKE says:

    thankyou chris and the rest of the sunshine staff for my full refund what a great relief.i am looking on youre site already to book again for may now i know im geting my money back. thanks again to all of you youre the best holiday company by far. from julie

  14. Dave Yeoman says:

    Well Done!!!! Having worked in the travel industry for many years and having been caught up in the Volcano Ash saga,losing our well needed holiday, its a relief to deal with a company who cares about their customers. It would have been nice if the airlines could have more forthcoming instead of shrugging their responsibilities and shutting down all forms of contact as was the case with Easyjet, who I am totally discusted with.

  15. Eileen Lee says:

    Great news sunshine ,willl book again with you later in the year.Well done and thanks to all your staff for keeping us well informed .

  16. Brian Harris says:

    A big thank you for keeping me well informed. Will be booking again with sunshine later in the year. Well done to all your staff.

  17. mark + mandy says:

    was over the moon to know that offer a full refund though we would be happy to accept another date on allocation on arrival or pay a difference fee, as we know by booking our holidays through this company we have never so far had reason to complain.I BRAG ABOUT THIS WEB SITE.. and i know many people have booked with confidence.Yes its us MORK N MINDY

  18. Lynn says:

    Its so good to know the holiday we have booked with you for July is in your safe secure hands.
    A few years ago we were concerned about the tourist’s been targeted by bombers in Turkey, our very large and ” REPUTABLE ” tour operator basicly told us ” tuff not our fault ” and demanded 2 hundred pounds fee to change our location, Well done Sunshine

  19. Trevor A Hurdus says:

    When would we expect to receive the refund as we would like to rebook asap due to work commitments etc

  20. Mike Thompson says:

    I will definitely be rebooking with you for June/July 2010 and recommend you to all my friends

  21. Stefan says:

    Anyone else been told they won’t be getting a full refund?

  22. margaret Hudson says:

    That was great news about the refund, we have already been to egypt as we have faith in your company getting our monry back. Have already recommended you to our friends and thry have booked with you, will be going through you with all our other holiday plans. Thank you for all your help.

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