It would seem that young holidaymakers these days are becoming less adventurous, as our latest survey has revealed that a third of under 30s in the UK have only ever been on a beach holiday, as opposed to jetting off on a city break or trying their hand at skiing.

We polled 1,668 British people as part of research into different holiday habits and people’s preferences when it comes to overseas travel.

The average number of holidays taken by under 30s was 19

First off, we asked those taking part in the poll to estimate how many holidays they had been on in their lifetime so far. The average number was 19, so we decided to delve a bit deeper and find out what kind of holidays these had been.

33% of the adults taking part had only ever been on a beach holiday

A third of those adults admitted that they had only ever been on a beach holiday, whilst 11% confessed to having only ever been on a skiing holiday and a cultured 7% said they’d only ever been on a city break.

A slightly less adventurous 13% said that they had only ever been on a holiday in the UK

57% of the respondents who had only ever been on a beach break said they did so because they were the kind of holidays that they liked the best.

However, 12% said they found them ‘more affordable’ than any other type of holiday.

3% even admitted that they ‘didn’t see the point’ in holidays that weren’t spent at beach resorts! We’d be tempted to agree, but there are so many sights out there to see.

Two fifths felt they would like to broaden their holidaying horizons

41% of the people we polled said they would like to be ‘more adventurous’ when it came to their holidays. That’s the spirit!

When most people picture going on holiday, they imagine sunshine and sandy beaches. We think the British weather has a lot to answer for here! It’s not all about topping up your tan though; there are so many places and cultures to explore, that it seems a bit of a shame to go and sit on the beach for a week every year.

Never fear though, there are plenty of places teaming with culture and experiences that also provide some great beaches for sunbathing!

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Posted : Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 at 11:00
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