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5 More Free iPhone Apps for Your Next Trip

Last year I highlighted the ten best free iPhone apps for holidaymakers.  And over the past year, the iTunes marketplace has exploded with tens of thousands of travel apps, many of them travel related.  So, I’d like to take time this year to recommend 5 more free iPhone apps for your next trip.

1: Instagram

This nifty little app transforms your boring iPhone shots into miniature pieces of art. Make your friends at home more jealous and take some great shots for your desktop wallpaper back at the office!














2: City Walks

Nobody likes being lost, especially in a big city, but with the City Walks app, if you’re in one of the 470 cities they’ve mapped out for you, they have you covered. One of the most popular apps in iTunes travel, this is bound to be useful in a pinch. Of course you may want to get a more detailed city guide if you’re going to be somewhere for awhile, but love these overviews.













3. Poynt

This is kind of a fun app in that it helps you find events, restaurants, and other “local” things to do in the destination you’re in.  No, it isn’t going to tell you about the best museums or historical sights, but you probably already looked on Wikipedia, didn’t you?

Please note: Poynt is currently only available in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Australia and Germany.  I’m sure more locations are coming out soon.











4. Fotopedia Heritage

This app is best used on Wifi only, and certainly not on 3G while roaming!! But have to say, Fotopedia Heritage may very well be the most beautiful iPhone app ever. It’s a great tool for inspiration and to find the best places in the world to visit.

Also, if you have an iPad? Wow, this app may change your life.

5. Frommers

Many of the guidebook makers have associated apps, but the Frommers app actually seems useful.  Packing list, note taking, and features that eliminate the need for you to have other apps make this one a useful addition.  And yes, it’s free!

NOTE: If you have this app, be sure to watch your upgrades, lots of reports of missing data issues.












What are your tips for the latest free iPhone apps?

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