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8 Things to do in Lisbon, Portugal

Visit Queluz Palace

Queluz Palace is known as the Portuguese Versailles and has wonderful gardens. Most of the money for its construction came from Brazilian gold.

Easily Find a Pillar Box

Sometimes when you’re abroad it can be hard to find where to post your postcards. You won’t have this problem in Lisbon, as they’re just like in the UK; big and red.

Ride an Antique Tram

Take a 45 minute ride of the no 28 antique tram through the city.

Visit the Tile Museum

You can find out about the history of Portuguese tiles at the city’s Tile Museum. There are audio guides in English which are included in the entry price of 5 Euro.

Scoff a Belem Tart

I didn’t have time to go to the Belem district of Lisbon to try the famous tarts, but my hotel As Janelas Verdes, had some pretty good custard tarts as part of the breakfast buffet. The Portuguese seem to love their cakes and pastries so temptation will be everywhere.

Visit the Church of Sao Roque

This 16th century church was one of the first Jesuit churches in Portugal and only slightly damaged by the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. Its 18th century Chapel of St John the Baptist was made in Rome and then shipped to Lisbon.

Cool Off at Estrela Park

There are plenty of cool, shady spots in Lisbon’s Estrela Park, including the cafe by the pond. There’s an animal themed play area which kids will love.

Visit the Museu Nacional Arte de Antiga

The National Museum of Antique Art has lots of interesting displays. I thought that the oriental screens were really beautiful.

Image credits: Bernt Rostad, europe a’la carte, Meg Zimbeck, Sergio Calleja

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