We all know someone that does it. That moment they get back from their holiday, you have to put up with three albums worth of photos clogging up your news feed on Facebook of exotic cocktails and them posing on the beach! Well, we decided to investigate a bit more.

Our latest research has revealed that the average holidaymaker uploads their holiday images onto Facebook within 4 hours of landing back in the UK! One in ten also admitted that they updated their photos whilst on holiday.

As part of our ongoing research into the holiday habits of Brits and how holidaymakers use social media before, during and after their time away, we polled 1,334 people in the study, each aged 18-35. All respondents had a Facebook account and some had other social media accounts on the likes of Twitter.

89% of those polled said they talked about their holiday on Facebook before they went away

First up, we asked respondents if they talked about their holiday on Facebook before they jetted off, to which a whopping 89% of those polled said ‘yes’. More than half of those, 54%, claimed to mention their holiday to their Facebook friends ‘2-3 times a week’ in the build up to their time away.

61% said they uploaded their holiday photos on to Facebook, whilst 9% uploaded pictures whilst on holiday

All respondents were then asked, ‘Do you upload your holiday photos on to Facebook?’ to which 61% said they did. We then asked how long they waited before uploading their images; the average answer was ‘straight away (within four hours of landing)’.

A tenth, 9%, even admitted to uploading images to their social media sites whilst they were on holiday; either through use of a Smartphone, tablet computer or laptop.

In comparison, just 3% of people tweeted from their holiday destination

16% of the people polled claimed to post statuses on Twitter about their holiday before and after going; whilst 3% of these tweeted from their holiday destination.

On average, each person uploads 150 holiday pictures to social media

The respondents were then asked to estimate how many photos in total they uploaded to Facebook or other social media accounts after their holiday, to which the average answer was ‘150.’ Furthermore, a third, 34%, of the people polled who did upload images via social media said they were selective about what photos they posted, in order to show themselves in the best light.

It’s hard to stop talking about your holiday when you’re so excited about it in the run up, or if you’ve just got back! However, uploading your photos within four hours of landing is quite keen. It’s always best to try and leave technology behind when you go away and have a complete break from everyday life; you’re bound to be more relaxed that way!

It’s always important to remember factors like roaming charges and other charges that apply to internet use on your phone whilst abroad. If you plan to upload photos to Twitter and Facebook whilst on holiday, it’s a good idea to check out any additional charges that might be incurred before you go!

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Posted : Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 at 11:00
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