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Avoiding Travel Hassle Tips

Don’t you ever wish you could go on holiday without the journey?  I find that sometimes the journey can be a bit of a pain. Given that we can’t be magically transported to our destination, as in the Star Trek energise teleporter, here are my tips to minimise your travel hassle.

Go for direct flights

Finding direct flights is easier if you live near a major airport. I do try my best to avoid connecting flights, especially after experiencing a ten hour wait at Gatwick after my flight from Edinburgh was delayed by fog in the south east and I missed my connection.

Check in desks at Malta Airport

Coping with early morning flights

It’s not always possible to avoid these early departures. Getting up at 3am to drive to the airport for an early flight is probably going to leave you zombified for at least the first day of your holiday. If you stay at an airport hotel, although you’ll still need to get up fairly early, at least it’ll be a short transfer to the airport terminal. You can book park and fly with some hotels, where the price includes up to 15 days parking. The stumbling block for this strategy is the high price of airport hotels. Try using a hotel price comparison site and book well in advance to get the best deals.

Arrive at the airport two hours before flight departure

After a couple of scares where we almost missed flights, I resolved to arrive at the airport two hours before my flight is scheduled to depart, even if I’m flying with hand luggage only. I think it’s more stressful to try to cut it fine.

Prepare for airport security

I can’t believe the number of people I still see having tubes and containers of liquids which contain more than 100ml being confiscated at airport security. Check that any toiletries you want to take as hand luggage are a maximum of 100ml and that you can fit them all in one sealable plastic bag.

Malta airport

Boarding scrum options

If you’re flying with an airline which doesn’t allocate seats prior to boarding and you aren’t prepared to pay for priority boarding, you have to decide if you are willing to queue for ages near the front of the queue at the boarding gate and then make a mad dash to get on the plane. If I’m travelling alone I hang back and have always been able to find an aisle seat. If I’m travelling with my husband we queue up at the gate and as he’s a really fast walker he can usually secure seats at the emergency exit.

I hope that my tips help you have a hassle free journey.

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