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Best Beaches of the Bahamas

The Bahamas are home to some of the best rated beaches in the entire Caribbean, so it’s no wonder why most of them are always crowded. However, there is still a nice selection of secluded beaches for those wanting to escape the crowds, the noisy tourist hotspots and spend a relax day away from everything.

It really depends on what you’re looking for during your holiday at the Bahamas, but feel confident that you will get plenty to choose from whether you want to spend the days relaxing with your spouse, partying like it’s1999, or enjoying the many excursions available.

Here is a nice collection of beaches in the Bahamas – it’s a good starting point.

Cabbage Beach

Cabbage Beach (Paradise Island) – Think of this beach as Vegas in the Tropics. More of a college student’s paradise than any kind of lover’s retreat but if that’s your scene you’ll love it on this gorgeous beach.  You can find a bit more solitude on the beach’s northwestern extension, Paradise Beach, which you can only get to by boat or on foot.

Xanadu Beach (Grand Bahama Island) — Grand Bahama has 60 miles of white sand lining its shore, but Xanadu Beach is the most accessible from the Freeport hotels, plus most offer shuttle service here. There’s more than 2/3 mile of gorgeous shore and calm waves to listen to. More than likely you won’t have it to yourself, but for the convenience this beach is the perfect fit. But if you want more quiet and privacy, try any of the beaches that stretch from Xanadu for many miles in either direction.

Pink Sands Beach (Harbour Island, Eleuthera) — Stretching the entire length of the island’s eastern side, these beautiful pale-pink sands stretch for 3 miles. There are a handful of small hotels and private villas but you won’t find too many resorts around the area. A coral reef protects the shore from big waves, which makes for some of the safest swimming in The Bahamas. This beach is great for families and couples to enjoy a wholesome day in ‘paradise’.

Pink Sands Beach

Stocking Island (Exumas) – This is by far one of the finest white sandy beaches in The Bahamas. It lies off Elizabeth Harbour, close to the little capital of George Town on Great Exuma Island. You can reach this offshore island easily by boat, and will rarely be crowded; a great place for snorkellers and divers to explore its crystal-clear waters. Besides the powdery white sand, the island is also known for its blue holes, coral gardens, and undersea caves.

Cat Island (Southern Bahamas) — The picture-perfect beaches around this island boast crystal-clear waters and give you the paradise you’ve been dreaming about. But what could be better than that? You’ll practically have the place to yourself! Near Old Bight there is a beautiful area of white sand and another fabulous area is just 3 miles north of New Bight, at the Fernandez Bay Village resort. Just remember that none of the Cat Island beaches have any facilities (bring everything you need from your hotel), but they do offer peace, quiet, and seclusion.

Photos by Christine Warner Hawks, aaronx, pazzani

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