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Getting Off the Beaten Path of Spain

Spain is the ideal destination for getting off the beaten path and spending time in some of the most atmospheric places that the world has to offer. There are a ton of well-known places that I could recommend that would indeed capture your heart — but it’s time to get out of tourist central and enjoy the untouched romance that Spain really has to offer.

Segovia, Castilla y Leon

The ancient city of Segovia is a perfect daytrip idea if you are staying in Madrid. Segovia has plenty of picture-perfect spots to admire and famous must-see monuments to check out as well. Make sure to hit the centre of the town to see the ancient Roman aqueduct that connects across the main square. Then, head over to the Gothic cathedral and to really impress your travelling partner(s), visit the Cinderella-esque castle, Alcazar. Even if you decide to wander around and stop to look out over the stunning Spanish countryside the scenery will astound you.

Cabo de Gata, Almería

This gorgeous coastline stretch can be found in the wild south-eastern corner of Spain and is one of the last relatively untouched places along the Mediterranean. Due to the protected wildlife found in this part of the country you will not find bustling resorts or tour guides. However, you will find hidden coves, ruined castles, dizzying cliffs, extensive coral reefs, volcanic rock formations, and even gorgeous sunsets. Ditch the crowds and head to this fantastic part of the country if you’re looking for a quiet and perhaps romantic time. In each town found within this area you will simply fall in love over and over again.


This medieval town is without a doubt an amazing place to experience with someone you love. The history will surround you with ancient buildings, churches, palaces and the streets are still intact with cobblestone. Caceres is a peaceful place where you can marvel at the surroundings and really enjoy the tranquillity of it all. Wander through this town slowly, head down to the town square and enjoy an authentic medieval meal taking you back in history. It’s a different kind of experience that will have you relaxed, intrigued and captivated all at once.

Famara Beach,  Lanzarote

Enjoy your holiday break lazying around in the sun and soaking up the warm rays on the Playa De Famara.  The long sandy beach is one of the largest in Lanzarote and is an incredible place to spend the day. The small village of Famara is a perfect getaway where you can be surrounded by the untouched roads and relaxed atmosphere. If you’re looking for a place for you to  take a deep breath of fresh air, this is the place to be. Forget about responsibilities, forget about deadlines.

Make sure to visit at least one of these off-beaten paths in Spain during your next visit!

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