We decided to combine site statistics and search results with our poll this week, to find out whether Britons are planning to delay their overseas holidays in order to make the most of the summer weather that has been predicted for UK shores.

We found that many Britons are delaying their summer 2011 holiday until the autumn; with some believing that the UK summer weather will be too good to miss! We all know how unpredictable our weather can be, so is that really wise?

We released site data, but also polled 1,092 British holidaymakers to find out more about their travel plans this year.

There has been a 21% rise in holiday bookings for the autumn period

Our site statistics revealed that there has been a rise of just over a fifth, 21%, in holiday bookings for the autumn period, when compared with the same time in 2010. This prompted us to carry out the poll, to see if the rise in bookings was reflected in people’s holiday plans.

56% of respondents said they planned to holiday later than normal this year

When asked if they were holidaying later than normal this year, for example in the autumn or winter, instead of summer, 56% said that they were.

37% had moved their holiday later in the year to take advantage of the UK summer

Those that said ‘yes’ were then asked to explain why this was the case, and were told to tick all that applied to them from list of possible reasons. The results were as follows:

–          Cheaper holidays later in the year – 42%

–          Expecting UK summer to be hot – 37%

–          Due to work (e.g. holiday availability) – 21%

–          No particular reason – 19%

–          Have longer to save up money – 8%

–          Other – 5%

43% of respondents have already booked their holiday

Those polled were then asked whether or not they had already booked their holiday, or whether they had just planned it; to which 43% said they had already booked it.

We recently found that many people had decided to have their summer holiday early, making the most of the bank holidays, but now that Easter is out the way and the weather has improved, it would appear that summer holidays are taking a back seat.

The recent spout of warm weather in the UK has obviously made people very optimistic about the impending summer!

However, our advice would be not to risk moving your holiday plans just on the off chance that the weather might be nice here. We all know only too well how disappointing British weather can be!

For further details on this survey or to receive the full Press Release, please contact Shannon Haigh at our Public Relations Agency – [email protected]

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  1. Elsie Hodgkiss says:

    We had never been to Surrey until last month when our daughter took up work there. We stayed in a ‘logcabin’ near Albury, Esher, Shere and other pretty villages. We found it so fascinating – that we are going again next week!! Last month we travelled by train which wasn’t bad, but this time we are flying, which is not costing a lot more and we will be there in an hour.

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