Our latest survey has revealed that over half of British holidaymakers have used social media platforms in the run up to their trip abroad in order to gain personal reviews and recommendations beforehand. We wanted to know how people decided which destinations to visit and here’s what we found out.

Social media platforms play a large part in people’s everyday lives, so we decided to see how big a part they played in the holiday decisions of British people. We polled a total of 1,102 British holidaymakers, each of whom had been abroad in the past two years.

Almost all respondents said they researched the destination and accommodation before booking their last holiday

Respondents were initially asked, ‘Did you research your chosen destination and accommodation before booking and going on your last holiday?’ to which the overriding majority, 98%, said ‘yes’.

Those polled were asked to choose from a list of possible answers about how exactly they researched their chosen destination and/or accommodation before booking. The results were:

–          Review websites – 62%

–          Social media platforms – 49%

–          Information from travel agent – 33%

–          Word of mouth – 19%

–          Other – 13%

61% said they had used Facebook as a means of researching their holiday

Of the respondents who selected social media platforms as a means of researching holiday destinations and accommodation before booking, 61% said they used Facebook to ask around, whilst 17% said they used Twitter to do so.

96% said that their research had affected where they went on holiday

Almost all of respondents, 96% said that their research had affected where they went and stayed on holiday.

Research is a vital part of booking a holiday. Word of mouth recommendations can often be few and far between, so don’t be afraid to do your homework and look at past reviews of resorts and destinations. It was really interesting to find out how many people use social media platforms to research their holiday.

It is great to get feedback, especially from people you know and trust. The main thing to remember though, is that if one person has a bad experience at a hotel or resort, it doesn’t mean your holiday will turn out the same.

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Posted : Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 at 11:00
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