The area of Bosnia and Herzegovina has seen its own share of strife in modern history, but today the area has become best known for its stunning scenery, great outdoors, age-old traditions and plenty of adventure for all. In fact, adventure is where Bosnia and Herzegovina has really made a name for themselves. Rafting and kayaking is popular in all the major rivers, the geography offers plenty of mountainous area to go skiing, climbing and hiking and because of all the variety this area becomes more and more likely be the year-round centre of attention of adventure in Eastern Europe. In addition to all the crazy adventure you can find here there are still plenty of interesting souvenir shops, traditional cafes and restaurants, trendy bars and a ton of historical sites that will amaze you. Best of all, it’s all budget-friendly!

Religious Sightseeing  

With so many religious sights in the area, why not take a moment to satisfy your inner historian and browse through the many churches and mosques. It’s free to look (except the transportation fares possibly) and even if you are not religious you will undoubtedly be impressed with the ancient architecture that has been very well maintained throughout the years.

  • Karadjozbeg Mosque- The city Mostar’s most important mosque, built in 1557, has been completely renovated since the war and the mosque is open to visitors. You can even climb the tower of the mosque for a fantastic view. Behind the mosque is the old Muslim graveyard, the oldest in town, with beautiful grey tombstones standing in the grass you can look at as well.
  •  Koski Mehmed Pasa Mosque– Along the eastern side of Kujundžiluk, built in 1616, has a gorgeous view of Stari Most from the tower. Within the mosque there you can find a very unique display of coloured stain glass which compliments the beautiful design work throughout the mosque.
  • Orthodox Church of Christ Saviour- This is a truly iconic centrepiece of Banja Luka and most famous for the golden dome structure and brick bell tower that rockets to the sky. If you happen to catch a postcard from this town there’s no doubt there will be some mention of this ancient church.

Head to a Festival

The great thing about historical societies is the fact they love their festivals. Whether it’s to show their love for the old or celebrate the new, there’s always some sort of interesting event going on. As some of these events are held for the public in the streets you may find yourself enjoying free entertainment during your trip.

  • Bascarsija Noci- This is a prime example of people finding any reason to put on a show. During July you can find a wide range of international themed dance, music and street theatre.
  • Sarajevo Film Festival- During the month of August you can experience art-house movies and commercial releases all within the festival.
  • International Jazz Festival- One week within November you can find yourself in the midst of the best jazz of local and international performers showcasing the best of their talents.

Outdoor Adventure

Given such gorgeous geography, you’ll want to enjoy the area’s great outdoors if the weather suits.  Some top suggestions:

  • Hiking- Along the rugged mountainous areas within small villages you can find yourself enjoying a beautiful surrounding of gorgeous greenery and flowers of Perucica, one of the last remaining prehistoric forests in Europe.
  • Rafting- Una and Neretva are both widely popular for their great rafting experiences. In fact, within the upper canyon lies some of the most beautiful rafting in Europe.
  • Fly Fishing- There are several beautiful fly fishing rivers in the north-west region of the country – Pliva, Una, Unac, Klokot, Ribnik and Sanica. All rivers are filled with plenty of wild brown and rainbow trout as well as trophy sized grayling. You may not have to pay for dinner once you’re done this activity!

Photo Credits: Duncan Hall, lostajy, nh53

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