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Self Catering Tips and Tricks

A lot of the great cheap hotel deals here at Sunshine are for self-catering units – that is, a hotel that doesn’t serve any food but your room will have a kitchen (or kitchenette, in some cases – fit for purpose but not enormous).  Personally, I love self catering because it’s a chance to save money and eat a little healthier; I don’t know about you, but for me it’s easy to just grab sodas and chips when travelling because you just want something quick and simple.

Sausages in a frying pan

If you’ve not been on a self-catering holiday before, I’d recommend it. Here are a few tips.

Don’t Bring a Kitchen With You

This isn’t camping, it’s self catering.  There will be a kitchen with minimal appointments for you when you arrive.  (Most self-catering companies are very clear as to what will be included.)  I’ve seen people arrive with an entire suitcase full of stuff, which seems just silly.  You don’t need to bring all of that stuff.

Packing food for Burning Man

Don’t Cook Exactly What You’d Cook at Home

I’m all for keeping it simple.  But if you’re in Spain, why are you only picking up ingredients from the British aisle at the supermarket?  You’re on holiday so embrace something new.  Even if that’s trying a foreign-inspired version of an old favourite – maybe switching to a different type of meat, or a local cheese, just to (literally) get a flavour of local life.

Slice of ham anyone?

Do Eat Out Once in Awhile

Just because you’ve got a kitchen doesn’t mean you need to be slaving away over the stove 24/7.  Sure, self catering holidays are great because you can save money, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a nice meal during your trip.  If you’re tired and you want someone else to serve the beer and cook up the steaks, then go out.  It’s a holiday – so enjoy yourself when the time suits.


Don’t Self Cater if you Hate Cooking

If you don’t like to cook, then why are you booking a holiday where cooking is kind of expected?  That’s sort of like going on a beach holiday when you hate the rain.  Just don’t do it – even if it is a cheaper option.

Don’t Think Everything in Self Catering is Cheap

Ever notice how some of your favourite things in the local shop are kind of expensive?  The same goes for the supermarket when you head abroad.  You’ll find some of the ingredients you are wanting will be expensive, which will eat into the savings you will have gotten from going self-catering.   Also, since no doubt you’ll be in metropolitan area, you won’t have easy access to the cheapest store in town (or you won’t know how to get there.)  You can adjust by changing what recipes you’ll make, but at the end of the day, you might just have to pay up.

Do Get to Know Your Hosts

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that self-catering managers are usually a little more “in the know” and resourceful than your average B&B owner.  Anyway, it’s worth chatting them up to get tips on where to shop, what kinds of things to buy, and specials/must-try things in town when you’re not relaxing in your accommodation.  As with all things, this can be hit or miss, but it never hurts to smile and strike up a conversation.

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