How many times do you check your passport before you go on holiday? Our latest poll has found that one in ten of you have had your travel plans affected by an expiring passport. Many British holidaymakers have previously planned or attempted to travel abroad with an expiring passport, only to discover that they were unable to do so.

Here at, we polled 1,302 people in order to discover more about holidaymakers’ understanding of passport regulations and policies. All of the people polled had been on holiday in the past five years.

24% of Brits thought they could travel on a passport right up to its expiry date

A quarter of those polled thought you could travel abroad using a passport providing you left before the date on which it expired. However, you often need up to six months left on your passport to travel to certain destinations.

13% thought you didn’t need a passport when travelling within Europe

3% thought it was possible to travel to the USA without a passport, providing that there was another form of photographic ID present.

We also asked about the respondents’ knowledge of passport fees, should they need to renew it. 53% thought a new adult passport or renewal cost ‘around £100’, when in fact, it costs £77.50.

Our customer services team receive enquiries about passport regulations and it’s surprising how confused some people are on the matter.

You’d be surprised how common it is for people to turn up at the airport, only to be told they’re not allowed to fly because they only have a few months left on their passport.

Our advice is to check your passport is in date long before you are due to leave, so in case it does need renewing, you have time to get it done.

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Posted : Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 at 12:00
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  1. Amanda Kelso says:

    Can a child travel to Majorca with only 9 months left on the passport?

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