A couple of years ago, a site was launched that was all about choosing a holiday destination by colour.  It’s an interesting concept, for sure.  It probably was a tool a year or two ahead of its time, because really it’s only in the past year that I think the Internet has started to truly embrace a ‘visual’ form of communication.  You probably have noticed – bigger photos and more photos on Facebook, those ubiquitous (and usually stupid, but always popular) ‘meme’ photos, and everyone’s favourite: the inspirational photograph with a motivating quote or caption on top.

(Like this?  You can make one yourself.)

So, does picking a destination by colour work?

Back to my original point, does researching travel by colour work very well? Uhm – yes and no.  Looking at tools like the one provided by Explorra, it’s a good start – and I like what they’re trying to do, especially if you’re really sick of this year’s extended winter season and thinking to yourself, “I would go anywhere right now – even if I had to sit on the beach in the rain.”

So, if you’re really early on in your research process, yes – colour works.  The only thing I wonder about this colour scheming is how it narrows things down quickly.  I mean, what if you pick turquoise, and you meant cornflower? Purple instead of burgundy?  I’m not the study of crayons that I used to be, but I do know I’d be happy with either side of this peninsula in the Bahamas.

Last year I wrote about using Pinterest to plan your holiday, and I am still a big advocate – even more-so now that I’ve really gotten into it.  This is where the whole ‘plan by colour’ idea really comes to life, because there are hundreds of boards dedicated to colour schemes and travel destinations – and rainbow boards, even.  And even better, should you not be able to choose a colour, just scroll through the user’s account and get a variety of colours.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve chosen a travel destination based solely on an iconic photograph.  A photo of the Eiffel tower at night can solidify that decision to finally explore the City of Light.  Feet perched over the edge of a boat with the Sydney skyline in the distance can spur you to book a flight down under.   And don’t get me started about good beach photos – I even have a coffee table book full (remember those?) full of them.

Photos are powerful motivator.  Don’t be afraid to use them in making smart holiday planning decisions.

Photo credits Klearchos Kapoutsis, Keep Calm-o-Matic, & Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.


Andy Hayes

Andy Hayes is based in sunny Portland, Oregon. When not soaking up the Pacific Northwest lifestyle or enjoying life on the road, he works on his own lifestyle publication, Plum Deluxe.


Posted : Thursday, April 11th, 2013 at 10:00
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