Everyone tends to be a lot more wary of their surroundings on holiday, particularly in countries where English isn’t the first language.

Following the recent disruption in popular holiday destinations such as Tunisia and Egypt, we decided to investigate which countries were the ‘safest’ according to British holidaymakers.

2,916 Britons aged 21 and over who had been on holiday in the past three years were surveyed, to find out which country they felt the safest in, based on their own experiences. This was part of ongoing research into Britons’ views on destinations.

They were asked to state which holiday destinations they had visited in the past 3 years and were then required to rate how safe they felt in each destination out of ten, with 1 being ‘extremely unsafe’ and 10 being ‘extremely safe.’

Spain topped the poll as the ‘safest’ country.

The top five countries that tourists felt safest in, along with the average scores they were given, were:

1.       Spain – 9.8

2.       France – 9.5

3.       Cyprus – 9.4

4.       New Zealand – 8.3

5.       Denmark – 8

New Zealand was the only country in the top five outside of Europe, suggesting that the majority of Britons feel more at ease holidaying closer to home.

Mexico scored the lowest, making it the least safe destination

The countries that British travellers felt the most at risk in, along with the average scores they were given, were:

1.       Mexico – 1.8

2.       South Africa – 2

3.       Bulgaria – 2.5

4.       Jamaica – 3.2

5.       Dubai – 3.4

Our advice is to always check out the political situation of a country before travelling and remember to always use common sense.

Some countries are obviously a lot safer than others, but don’t let that deter you. As long as you are aware of what is going on and keep your belongings safe, you can still have a perfectly enjoyable holiday.

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Posted : Monday, February 7th, 2011 at 12:59
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  1. john airey says:

    i find greece in general a safe place to holiday, i have been to bulgaria and i did not feel threatened, but was shocked at the attitude of the airline staff, and the hotel although being 5* served up the most horrible food..

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