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Credit Card Charges and other stuff…

Whenever a customer books with sunshine.co.uk, we offer them an opportunity to provide feedback on the website, the booking process and to raise any questions or pass on any suggestions they have. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequent queries (that don’t really fit into our FAQ section) and asked our MD Chris Brown to reply.

1. Credit Card Charges


Question: We currently charge 2% when a customer chooses to pay by Credit Card. This was the most frequently mentioned point, why don’t we include the charges in the price, like we do for all the other fees, taxes, baggage and add-on costs?

Chris Brown: When a customer chooses to book with a Debit Card, it costs us a fixed price of a few pence, so this is absorbed into the price. When a customer chooses to pay by credit card, we pass on the cost of making this transaction to the customer. If we included the 2% fee into all bookings, this would unfairly impact those customers who choose to pay by Debit Card. Currently around 60% of our customers pay by Debit Card, 40% by Credit Card.

It’s a bugbear when we hear companies saying that they’ve done away with credit card charges, when what they’re actually doing is screwing you if you pay by Debit Card.


2. Hotel Reviews

Question: Why don’t we carry any hotel reviews, either from our customers or from a site like Tripadvisor?

Chris Brown: We love hotel reviews! Really, it’s where this all started for us. The simple reason we don’t publish hotel reviews from customers is that we’re not sure potential customers visiting the site would believe that all the reviews were un-edited and genuine, since we are in the business of trying to sell you a holiday!

The other option we considered was using the reviews from Tripadvisor, however this requires us to pay a small sum per hotel, per year to Tripadvisor, and as there are over 16,000 hotels available on sunshine.co.uk, when you add it up (16,000 x £few = £lots) it suddenly becomes a rather large number.

We’d still recommend all our customers go and do their research on any hotel they are considering booking, using the multitude of review sites that are available.


3. Repeat Customer Discounts / Customer Referral Incentives

Question: Why don’t we offer extra rewards or discounts to loyal customers or offer our customers incentives for referring friends & family to sunshine.co.uk ?

Chris Brown: For the same reason we don’t ever have a “SALE”, we don’t offer discount codes or vouchers. We want sunshine.co.uk to offer the best prices we can, all year round, to everyone. We do appreciate our regular loyal customers, and word of mouth is one of the best selling tools we have. We just make sure that we keep all our customers happy and offer them the best prices we can.


4. Why Don’t You Sell Ryanair Flights?

Question: Why doesn’t Ryanair feature on sunshine.co.uk’s flight search?

Chris Brown: We love Ryanair and I have a great admiration for Michael O’Leary. We’d really love to sell Ryanair on sunshine.co.uk, but they aren’t so keen. Ryanair don’t want anyone else to sell their flights, so all customers go through their own website and hopefully spend some extra cash on hotels, car hire etc. Ryanair really don’t like travel agents selling their flights (as many mark up the prices) and have threatened to sue any who do, and to refuse a customer entry to the aircraft if they are found to have booked through a travel agency.

We hope Mr. O’Leary changes his mind at some point in the future and we’ll have them back in our flight search.

5. Room Types Confusion

Question: Why do hotels return similar room types at different prices?

Chris Brown: When you do a hotel search on sunshine.co.uk, the website actually goes off and searches several different suppliers in the background. While we try very hard to narrow all the results down to one price per type of room and board, often the suppliers provide slightly different names for the exact same room. The advice we give is to always book the cheapest one!


Thanks to Chris for his answers, and many thanks to all our customers who take the time to complete our surveys. There were lots of other suggestions that we’ve taken on-board and are using to improve the website, some of which we’ll roll out over the next few weeks.


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12 Responses to “Credit Card Charges and other stuff…”

  1. kevan tonks says:

    i agree with all of the mds answers except about ryanair,i think ryanair are an abomination and i wouldnt trust them for a second. iwill also say that if sunshine started to use ryanair i would never use sunshine again,this would be a shame because i think sunshine are great.

  2. D Lyttle says:

    I agree with everything Kevin Tonks says. There are places I would have liked to go but as Ryanair was the only budget airline serviceing ther route I have gone elsewhere

  3. JOHN MCDADE says:

    If you were to use Ryanair I’d just bypass their availability, and use an airline I could trust. I’ve travelled twice with you using Monarch, and it was great. I unhesitatingly reccommend Sunshine to my friends, and I’m looking forward to using you in the future.

  4. Cath says:

    Stay the way you are – quality at a good price.

  5. S Bunyard says:

    I have booked for a 2nd time as 1st time went great with BMI Baby as carrier. I agree with kevan tonks. keep up the good work & I’ll be back later in the year.

  6. Alan Hughes-Jones says:

    I have had nothing but bad expierences with Ryanair. They are the Kings of “Rip Off” I have vowed never to fly with them again, so, I’m very happy that Sunshine don’t use them.

  7. B Walker says:

    I agree with everything Chris Brown says, I use Sunshine three to four times each year and have never been disappointed yet, such an excellent company, using good airlines, making travel and stay so good. Keep to what you are doing. Thanks

  8. James Wilson says:

    Hello Sue

    I have to state I have been on one holiday with Sunshine and am looking forward to my next.

    Your prices are the best I have found. My only regret is I found your site so late in life!

    I am not concerned about Trip Advisor as I recently noted a man touring America had stated …if he had believed Trip Advisor he would not have had any accommodation. My personal opinion is that site is over populated with those who complained about the school dinners.

    In 2008 I had to travel from Tenerife to Northern Ireland. I booked Ryanair to Dublin for €9.95. Whilst checking in at Tenerife I was advised by the check in lady (Spanish) that I had to pay €5 at Ryanair office. I asked why and was verbally abused in Spanish so I went to the office where I was further abused but I paid the €5 and demanded a recibo.

    In those days there was a queue for speedy boarding (which you had to pay extra for) and a queue for people like me.

    I was at the front of the ordinary queue so when the speedy boarders had checked in I followed them to a bus. I didn’t sit down on the bus. When it stopped I alighted very quickly and got the front seat on the plane! On another occasion I was thumped by a female passenger for claiming the front seat!

    On reaching Dublin I caught the bus to Belfast (€6) and the front seat.

    A lady was in the other front seat. The driver and another driver going off duty done what boys do….they chatted to this lady until the off duty driver alighted from the bus. The driver who was a little timid ceased conversing. That lady looked at me and her expression asked the question, “Do you want to talk?”

    I had no difficulty engaging her in conversation and one of the first questions I had to ask after what I had heard earlier was, “What do you work at in Dublin Airport?” That lady responded by telling me she was the personal assistant to one Michael O’Leary!

    I told her I had earlier been ripped off by staff in Tenerife (well, there are 20 €5 notes in €100) and produced the recibo. That lady made no comment apart from asking for my email address. Two days later I received an email advising €5 had been credited to my bank account from Ryanair.

    So that was my Sunshine from Ryanair.

    Keep up the good work and I will avail of more Sunshine holidays.

    Take care


  9. Brindley Boyles says:

    Apart from Hotel (OK if you have kids) I will recommend Sunshine to anyone. Mind you I did fly with Monarch who were very good at looking after us.

  10. Robert Smith says:

    Have booked my first holiday with you for 30/1 and up to yet your customer service has been greet, like other people on the site I would never travell with Ryanair if I never again had a holiday. Very impressed with your company.

  11. Peter Isherwood says:

    I’ve used sunshine on 2 occasions and the service and more importantly prices have been superb. Also sorry I didn’t find you years ago. Agree with all the points from Chris and he is so right re Debit Cards being penalised by other companies. Like all other companies I always feel 2% is too high as I can’t believe the CC companies charge you that much.

    Never used Ryanair but the perception is they are the rip off merchants par excellence in the industry so doubt I would trust them anyway.

    Once last point where I want to praise Sunshine for their unbelievable customer service when Holidays4u went bust meaning had to go through the claims procedure. Everything was done to make the process painless and great communication whenever I queried progress. I expect most agents just say download the forms and do it all yourself.

    Anyway in closing I’d just like to give you all 5 Stars from me and long may you reign

  12. chris edwards says:

    read the comments with interest/ have to say the terms are clear and i was delighted to book my holiday without charges for the first time in ages keep it up sunshine and you will keep your customers .

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