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What would you do for your dream holiday?

Most people would consider perhaps paying a bit extra if it meant going on their dream holiday, but we wanted to know how far people were really willing to go for their perfect break. What we found was shocking, to say the least!

2,016 Britons were polled in our survey to find out how much their dream holiday really meant to them and what they would be prepared to do to get their hands on their ideal break.

USA topped the poll as the most popular dream holiday destination

Whilst the USA was the dream holiday destination for the majority, Australia came in a close second and the Caribbean was the third most popular place.

A quarter would give up their job for the chance to visit their dream destination

The ten most popular things people were willing to do for their dream holiday were as follows;

1. Eat the world’s hottest chilli – 88%

2. Bungee Jump – 62%

3. Stay overnight in a haunted house alone – 57%

4. Take part in a medical experiment – 44%

5. Eat chewing gum off the street – 38%

6. Give up their job – 23%

7. Swim the English Channel – 21%

8. Eat their own vomit!! – 15%

9. Give away their pet – 11%

10. Swim with great white sharks – 8%

Other things people were willing to do for their dream holiday included not eating for a week and going without sleep for five days!

We’d recommend saving hard so you can keep your job and have your dream holiday too.

So, what lengths would you go to if it meant you could jet off to your dream holiday?

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