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Best Fishing Spots in North America & Canada

Do you like your fishing? Join the club and it’s a big one at that. But not to worry, the top destinations are capable of accommodating all enthusiasts. Just choose between Alaska, the Florida Keys or Florida (East, West and South) itself for starters. Then there’s the Canadian locations, with Hudson Bay, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. Spoiled for choice then? Yes, it’s rather difficult to choose and considerations such as fishing style (sea or freshwater), distance travelled and budget may also come into it. Then there are the practicalities, do you like the wild, freestyle adventure or a trip organised by experts with an almost guaranteed catch?

This short article cannot cover all possibilities in any depth, so the idea is to give a flavour of what’s on offer. Starting with Florida, the keys (Islamorada, Key West, Key Largo, Marathon, Big Pine Key) and the Everglades will offer a variety of experiences. Inshore fishing on the flats for bonefish or offshore deep sea and wreck/reef fishing for swordfish are possibilities, and both may even be fitted into a single day – but why rush things? Party boat fishing may be the cheapest way to go and a variety of trip styles are available from Florida’s many charter boats.

In Alaska, you can most commonly catch Salmon (King, Silver, Red and/or Pink), Trout and Halibut. The beautiful Kenai Peninsula is the location of choice and day river trips and/or staying in lodges over defined periods of time are possibilities. Dedicated skippers and guides are there to help.

Canada’s famous fishing lakes (e.g. Ontario, Erie, Lac Seul and Nipigon) almost guarantee you’ll catch your daily fishing limit. Carp fishing venues on the St. Lawrence River are pretty spectacular, while lakeside cabins can provide a relaxing time and the possibility of spotting the nearby wildlife. Ontario has thousands of venues, offering diverse catches of species such as lake and brook trout, northern pike, black crappie, muskie, walleye, bass and perch.

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