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Funniest Holiday Cancellation Excuses Revealed

After analysing some of our site statistics, we thought we’d share with you some of the funniest holiday cancellation excuses that we’ve seen on the site this year.

We noticed some humorous excuses when it came to postponing holidays or rebooking them for a different time or place.

Reasons for cancellations included not having lost enough weight, a fear of becoming too Spanish and someone who was worried about missing the start of Big Brother

One customer called us to enquire as to whether she could move the date of her holiday, regardless of any charges, due to the fact that she had not lost all the weight she had planned to before going away. She wanted to postpone her break for three months to give herself more time to get her ‘bikini body’.

A gentleman writing to cancel a holiday he had booked with us claimed to have developed a fear of his destination. The country in question was Spain and the man wrote that he had a dream that he became ‘too Spanish’ after visiting on holiday, which made him subsequently not want to go.

In the spring of this year, we received an enquiry from a female customer, claiming she wanted to move the date of her summer holiday, which she was supposed to be taking in September, as she was worried about missing the start of the first Big Brother series on Channel 5 which she had been ‘eagerly anticipating’.

On another occasion, a family of five that were supposed to be travelling to Turkey this summer cancelled their holiday on the basis that their three children had been ‘misbehaving tremendously’ and therefore ‘did not deserve to go this time’.

Finally, one female customer called to see if she could cancel her holiday without a charge, due to the fact she had found a ‘really good fake tan’ and no longer needed to go abroad to sunbathe to gain a suntan.

The majority of customers have genuine reasons for why they need to cancel or postpone their holidays, but from time to time we do get the occasional excuses which border on ridiculous!

The fact that one family was even planning on cancelling their holiday because their children were misbehaving was dedication to the cause! However, it’s always good to remember to be aware of any cancellation charges that might be incurred.

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