Have a peaceful island getaway in mind for that long over due holiday? Then Boracay, the Philippines… is definitely NOT the destination for you. Though a typical island break would consist of doing ‘nothing’ and lots of it, Boracay is quite different. There’s just way too much fun to be had on this party island and I’ll be ashamed if you just sit around and do nothing!

Here’s your quick guide to having a good time with plenty of memories on the island of Boracay.

Helmet Diving

This is a nice, relaxing and fun thing to start off your Boracay memories. Take a plunge into medium depth waters and see the colours of the ocean is waiting to show off. Feed the fish and indulge in all the amazing marine life as you walk underwater with your air helmet. This is perfect for non-professionals who aren’t quite ready to dive in the deep but still want to experience the gorgeous underwater life of the island.

Paraw Sailboat Sunset Sailing / Cruise

Sunsets at the beach are by far the most romantic and beautiful way to watch the sun kiss the shoreline, unless of course you sail into the sunset on one of these lovely sailboats. These little boats are very nice to enjoy the inanimateness of the sunset while lying down on the calm waters of the island. You can do the same tour during the day but for the same price you get the beautiful setting included.

Cliff Diving at Ariel’s Point

If you’re looking for an exhilarating time during your stay, why not try cliff diving?! The experience is incredible and will for sure top any daring thing you’ve done before. Plus, it’s affordable just like the majority of everything else you can do on this island. The jumps vary and you can take the plunge anywhere from 10-55ft in the air; they even give you the choice of jumping from a billboard which is about 65ft in the air. Definitely one for the adventure-seekers, but think of the stories you can tell.

Party The Night Away

Party culture is alive and well in the Philippines, and Boracay is not short of hotspots where you’ll learn that “what happens in Boracay ends up on Facebook.” Cocomangas, Club Paraw,  Hey Jude!, or Summer Place are all great suggestions.

Authentic Hilot Filipino Massage

A Filipino massage will relax you from a night of partying the night away. Think about the hype of a Swedish massage but a fraction of the cost. Lying down on the beach being rubbed down is just one of those things you need to try while you’re in Boracay. Once you head back home you’ll be searching for ways to get your hands on another rub down, and you’ll be spoilt by the price.

Indulge in the World Famous Food

No matter what island you go to, you should always check out their seafood selection – it just so happens Boracay has an amazing variety of scrumptious seafood! Try the island’s very own creation; the Chori Burger! This flavoured-packed sausage burger is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted and something not to be missed. You can find it all over the island and is usually served by street vendors, so while you’re exploring fill your stomachs.

Photos by eatsmilesleep, flenilune, peanuttt

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