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Should you hire a car on holiday?

Deciding whether to hire a car for your holiday can be tricky. So here are some questions to ask yourself to help you make a decision.

1 Does your holiday include transfers from the airport to your accommodation?

Some package holidays do and some don’t.  As transfers can cost £30 – £40 per person, car hire becomes more attractive financially if you put that money toward the cost of hiring a car.  The other advantage is that you can drive straight to your accommodation, you don’t have to do the round of 20 other hotels prior to your drop off or on the way back to the airport.  It may also be easy to get to your accommodation by public transport, or a taxi may be a feasible option if your accommodation is fairly close to the hotel and/or if you are travelling with several people.

Exiting Miami International Airport

2  Will you be happy mainly around your hotel and/or resort?

If you enjoy relaxing by the pool or on the beach, car hire may not be for you.  If you are staying in a town or on a bus route, you may be able to do a few local trips by public transport.  Some hotels have free shuttle buses but check the frequency of service.  The day trips sold by holiday reps are usually pretty expensive but then you get picked up and dropped off at your hotel and are driven around with no concerns about finding your way or parking.  But a hire car will give you much more flexibility in where to visit.

3 How do you feel about driving abroad?

If even thinking about this makes you feel nervous, it may not be a good idea.  It does also depend on your destination, for example I wouldn’t want to drive (or try to park) around a large town or city.

4 Is there parking at or near your accommodation?

Some hotels charge for parking, sometimes it’s free of charge, sometimes it’s down to finding a place to park in the street near where you’re staying.  However, it’s really frustrating if you can’t find a space close by or if you’re not a dab hand at reversing into tiny spaces, especially with a strange car.

Smart Car, Great Parking

If you do decide to hire a car, shop around to find the best deal, as prices can vary a lot between different suppliers.  Check carefully exactly what is included in the price quoted.  I’ve seen many companies who claim to offer inclusive prices but if you read the small print there may be extra charges for things such as  a second driver, an out of hours fee if your flight is late and/or an excess of several hundred pounds if the car is stolen or damaged.

Rental Car 0, Big Rig Tire 1

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