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Hot Spots in Costa Dorada, Spain

The Golden Coast of Spain, aka Costa Dorada, surrounds itself with long stretches of golden beaches, gorgeous blue water and plenty of fun that will give you memories of a lifetime. Once you start heading away from the beautiful sandy beaches you will be completely taken back from the natural beauty that backdrops your view.

Even though there are about 3.5 million tourists that come to Costa Dorada yearly, the villages and farms so close have remained in touch with their traditions. So if you are looking for a true getaway from the crowds, you can even head to one of the quaint village towns and learn more about this captivating place to visit in Spain. While you’re still daydreaming about a trip to Costa Dorada let me give you some ideas on the hot spots you should visit during your stay.

Having Fun in the Sun

Costa Dorada has a ton of picturesque beaches throughout its long coastline. However, make sure you check out Salou, La Mora, Els Eucaliptus, Waikiki and La Punta del Fangar. You need to visit at least one of these idyllic beaches during your stay. There’s even a way to take a firsthand tour of the sea’s marine life by taking a glass bottomed boat trip! If your family is not into salty water as much (or you’d like to do both) you should definitely check out the Port Aventura theme/waterpark. There you can find some wild roller-coasters, exciting water slides and plenty of family memories with their included activities so make sure you check this place out if you want to have a good time.

When you’re ready to get out the water you should also check out renting a 4×4 jeep and explore the ‘undiscovered’ coast of Costa Dorada. It is interesting to see the way the land is crafted and made up of more than just flat land because believe me, there will be plenty of mountains to check out as well. The cities of Reus, Valls, Montblanc, Tortosa and the beautiful medieval monasteries of Poble, Santes Creus and Scala Dei are all worth visiting as well to explore.

When the Sun Goes Down

The native Costa Dorada people know how to throw a party! A big hot spot for the nightlife is most definitely Salou. This is one of the most visited areas on the coast anyways but once they get the party started you can find a great variety of bars, pubs and clubs to keep you entertained for the rest of the night.  La Pineda is another great place to party but a bit more on the expensive side. However, you can still find a variety of restaurants that cater to any tourist such as Ann’s Beach Bar.

Make sure to also ask your tour guide or some of the locals for other ideas on your nightlife preferences. They will be more than happy to help you out and should know exactly what’s going on during certain parts of the week, particularly since the specials and most popular spots tend to shift and change with the seasons.

Photos by Steve Jones.

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