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Leaf Peeping in Europe

Planning an autumn trip within Europe? Then indulge yourself with the beautiful hobby of leaf peeping. The crunching sounds of crisp leaves and the hues of the newly turned deep red, orange, yellow leaves will beautifully surround you and leave you in admiration for nature. Forget the scorching sun rays of summer and welcome the refreshing coolness, colourful scenery and simplicity of fall. Your trip to Europe this autumn will create a new sense of awe and appreciation for these gorgeous European cities.

Catch the impressiveness of the changing seasons within these following European cities.

Bruges, Belgium

It’s not just trees that are good for autumn viewing. In fact, Bruges’ vine covered buildings create an impressive display of the deep, rich tones of fall in the heart of one of Europe’s most remarkable cities. You can find yourself strolling along the canals or hopping on a boat to see the best of Bruges all the while being captivated of the new change in seasons.

 And don’t forget to sample the Belgium beer & chocolate while you’re there!

Samedan, Switzerland

Fall time in the Swiss Alps is an excellent time to visit and especially if you’re wanting to indulge in your leaf peeping hobby. The summer crowds are long gone by now, the winter crowds have yet to arrive and the mountains are now graced with cool, crisp weather and gorgeous scenery. Once the forests in Samedan begin to change, impressive rainbow of autumn colours are seen in the hills above the town, and if you decide to go hiking you can then choose plenty of various trails that will impress you even further.

High Tatras, Poland

The eastern mountains of Poland are most known for their skiing, but before the snow arrives, bursts of colour shine through as the birch, larch and oak trees put on their fall apparel. Zakopane, an enjoyable mountain town makes the perfect place for hiking trips into the mountains, where you will be able to enjoy plenty of leaf peeping, wildlife and indulge in some hiking trails.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

As if a crystal clear lake enclosed by wooded mountains, wasn’t quite picturesque enough, if you visit Lake Bled in the fall you’ll also find the icy lake waters reflecting the deep fall colour scheme of the turning trees that surround it. I recommend renting a rowing boat and taking your loved one for a tour – it doesn’t get much more scenic that this!

Lot Valley, France

Packed with walking trails, cycling and riding paths, the valley’s orchards and vineyards glow with golden crisp leaves come the fall, making it an ideal spot for long walks through the wooded hills and leaf peeping galore! There is also a bunch of wildlife that call this lovely place home and plenty of birds who love to find their food here so if you are interested in bird or animal watching this is truly the place to be.

What’s your favourite spot for Euro leaf peeping?

Photo Credits: James Bradley, Bods, Adam PniakProimos

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