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Would you leave your child to go on holiday?

We’ve been looking into quite a serious subject this week here at With the festive season upon us, there are Christmas parties-a-plenty and loads of family to see and films like Home Alone will undoubtedly be on loop over the holidays, so we wanted to see if there was any truth in the matter of parents leaving kids alone.

A poll of 1,982 parents with kids aged 8-14 found that 9% will be leaving their youngsters home alone at some point over the Christmas and New Year holidays, either to attend a party or just join in the festivities.

Half think their child is ‘capable of looking after themselves’

More surprisingly than that, 11% of the parents said they would be prepared to leave their child at home alone whilst they went on holiday. 54% of these thought their youngster was ‘capable of looking after themselves’ but 22% said friends and family would be around if they should need someone.

A third would let their child go abroad without them

34% said they would let their 8-14 year old go abroad without them, either with friends or if someone was meeting them at the other end. 17% would also let their child or young teenager go off alone during a family holiday if they wanted to be separated from their parents for an activity or something similar. Not a wise move.

Here at, we wouldn’t advise leaving children alone under any circumstances. Family holidays and the festive season are all about togetherness, so no one should be alone at times like these.

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