Our latest survey has revealed that lower level employees in the UK holiday more than management and workers in senior positions within a company. The poll also revealed that the majority of employees in management roles in the UK feel they have no time for holidays.

We surveyed a total of 2,036 people in full time employment as part of ongoing research into the holiday habits of people around the UK. Respondents were asked questions about their holiday allowance and whether or not they used it to their full advantage.

Respondents were first asked what level of seniority they held within their workplace

31% of those that responded to the poll classed themselves as ‘lower level’ employees, whilst 24% classed themselves as ‘senior’ employees and 29% classed themselves as ‘management’ within their company. The remaining 16% were company owners.

Lower level employees holiday twice a year, compared to just once a year for senior employees

We then asked the respondents ‘How many times a year do you go on holiday?’ According to the poll, the average ‘lower level’ worker goes on holiday ‘twice a year’; whilst those holding senior positions claimed to only go away ‘once a year’.

Company owners only went away once every two years

Those in management roles claimed to holiday, on average, ‘once a year’ and company owners, despite being the most well paid, went on holiday ‘once every two years’ on average.

Two thirds of business owners felt they had ‘no time’ for holidays

67%, two-thirds of the business owners polled said that they felt that they had ‘no time for holidays’, whilst 51% of those in management roles said the same. Only a third of those in a senior role felt that they had ‘no time’ for holidays, whilst just 18% of lower level workers said the same.

Just two-fifths of those in management roles said they used all the holiday time that they were given

When asked, ‘Do you use all of the holiday allocated to you by your employer, if applicable?’ 97% of those in lower level positions said ‘yes’. 82% of those in senior roles said that they used up all their holiday, but the minority of those in management roles, 41% said that they used the holiday time they were given.

It’s actually pretty shocking to hear that so many people in management positions are missing out on holidays. It’s always important to remember to relax and take some time out of the office.

However, as you work your way up in the office, more responsibility does fall on you, so it can be hard to work out when to take time off. Despite this, not taking a holiday will do more harm than good, so it’s very important to get away, no matter what your position!

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Posted : Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 at 11:00
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