Our latest research into the packing habits of British holidaymakers has revealed that the majority of men only pack, on average, 3 pairs of underwear for a week long holiday, whilst women over compensate with an average of 10 pairs.


Our underwear survey was featured recently on CNN, where they had a good chuckle trying to work out what men did for the other 4 days…

We surveyed a total of 1,294 Brits, each of whom had been on a week long holiday in the past 12 months and asked them all about what was in their suitcase on their last trip abroad.

Women take 34 items of clothing on holiday, whilst men only take 14

Respondents were initially asked to estimate the number of clothing articles that they had in their suitcase when leaving for their last holiday. The average number stated by male respondents was 14, whilst the average number of clothing items stated by women was 34 for a week long holiday. That’s including swimwear, outfits and underwear, so it’s clear to see there’s a big difference between genders!

Those polled were then asked to specify how many of these items were underwear, to which the majority of men stated ‘3’ and the majority of women stated ‘10’ for a 7 day holiday.

12% of men planned to wash items whilst on holiday

The men who admitted that they didn’t take enough underwear for everyday on holiday were subsequently asked why they did so. 12% said they planned to wash some items on holiday, whilst 37% said they thought that they would ‘mostly wear swimming trunks’ and therefore wouldn’t need too much underwear.

Men use 98% of the contents of their suitcase, whilst women only use 62%

The men and women that took part in the poll were then asked to estimate what percentage of their suitcase contents they actually ended up wearing or using. On average, men thought they used 98% of the contents of their suitcase, whilst women only used 62% of items, on average.

We also asked if anyone purchased new clothes whilst on holiday, to which 7% of men said ‘yes’ and almost half, 47% of women said that they did as well.

A third of respondents admitted to being over their luggage allowance

35% of those polled said that they were over their luggage allowance when either leaving or returning to the UK. The majority of these respondents were women.

Packing for your holiday can go either one of two ways. It can either help build the excitement, or it can be an absolute nightmare. The majority of people tend to over pack, so the best thing to do is pack what you think you need and then go back thorough your bag and ask yourself if you really need everything in there.

It’s perhaps very unsurprising to find out that men and women have very different packing habits!



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