Our latest survey has revealed that the age that British children first go on an overseas holiday has fallen by 10 years when compared to the age that their parents first went on holiday abroad.

We decided to carry out the poll as part of research into the ever-changing holiday habits of Britons. 1,811 people were polled in the study, each of whom had previously taken their children abroad on holiday at some point.

The average age of parents when they first went on holiday was 13

When asked, ‘How old were you when you first when on a holiday abroad?’ the average age stated by parents was ‘13 years old’.

The most common destination for parents’ first holiday was Spain

The parents were asked to name the destination they were first taken to on holiday abroad for the first time, to which the most common answer was ‘Spain’ with 54% of those polled claiming that this was the place they had visited first.

The average age of a first holiday has fallen 10 years between the generations

The respondents were asked similar questions, but this time relating to their children and their holiday experiences. When asked, ‘How old was your first child when you took them on holiday abroad for the first time?’ the average age stated by parents was ‘3 years old’, meaning that the average age has fallen by 10 years between generations.

However, the first holiday destination hasn’t really changed…

Parents were asked where in the world they had taken their child on their first holiday and the most common destination was also ‘Spain’, something which 62% of the parents stated.

A third of parents thought that better deals are now available

When asked why they believed children were being taken aboard on holiday at a younger age in this day and age, a third, 32%, said that they thought it was due to ‘better deals’ being available from travel agents now.

Whilst it may have been obvious that the first age for a holiday abroad has dropped, 10 years is a very significant difference. Holidays have become a more vital part of people’s lives and, with late deals and savings available all year round, there are affordable holidays available for everyone.

It’s great to give your children an unforgettable holiday experience from a young age and there are always great deals available for families, so just because you have children, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out!

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Posted : Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 at 11:00
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One Response to “First Overseas Holiday Age Fallen by 10 Years”

  1. Jeremy Head says:

    Our baby son Joseph’s first trip was indeed to Spain – at 5 months…
    Another reason you don’t mention above is that hotels etc are better at catering for families. We recently did a family holiday in Cyprus when Joseph was 9 months…
    The hotel had all kinds of stuff aimed at making it easier for families with babies. It made the whole trip far more doable… you can read more here:

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