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How to pack well for your holidays

Ever returned home with more unworn items than worn? Packing well is an art form and getting it right is more important than ever before, especially with challenging weight restrictions and excess baggage charges that many airlines are now enforcing.

Whether packing for a short city break or an extended holiday here are some simple tips that’ll help avoid those pesky charges, any unnecessary struggling with over-stuffed cases and generally make the process a little easier.

Make sure your suitcase sticks out amongst the masses

Make sure your suitcase sticks out amongst the masses

  • Don’t necessarily pack one suitcase per person, divide things up to spread the weight around and also to minimise the hassle and inconvenience if one suitcase is lost.
  • To easily spot your baggage on the carousel try adding a bright label or ribbon, or choose luggage of a unique colour or design.
Overloaded Luggage

Overloaded Luggage

  • If you’re arriving late into your destination pack the things you’ll first need at the top of your case.
  • Over-packing commonly begins with too much clothing, to help reduce the number of items taken deal with temperature variation by layering and not by packing heavier, bulky clothing. Also plan on occasionally washing clothes during your trip, rolling wet clothes in a towel and wringing the towel tightly is an old traveller’s trick to speed up the drying process.
  • Make a checklist; it will help not to forget those things you can’t travel without, as it can be hard to remember items until you actually need them. Common forgotten items include nightwear, socks, underwear, phone charger, swimwear or worst of all, your child’s favourite teddy.
  • What to pack depends entirely on where your travelling to and the activities you plan to partake in once there. Aside from the obvious considerations there is also the country’s culture to consider. For example, although both beach holidays a trip to Dubai will involve different attire than 2 weeks on the Costa del Sol, as Dubai requires more modest clothing for eating out, sightseeing and shopping.
If you can’t replace it – leave it at home

If you can’t replace it – leave it at home

  • To keep clothes clean pack shoes into bags and place them in the corners of the case.
  • Take travel size toiletries or containers particularly if staying in a hotel where they’ll have complimentary items for guests use. Remember to keep liquids well sealed.
  • If travelling with babies or toddlers, check what items are available for hire either at the hotel or locally. Some hotels offer baby kits with bottle warmers, nappy packs and formula etc.
  • Do you need to pack a hairdryer or travel iron? Again check with the hotel or apartment complex before packing as many places offer these either free or for a local charge.
  • Leave behind any irreplaceable pieces of jewellery.
  • Finally only pack what you can carry; if you can’t lift it, you’ve got too much stuff! Go back and reduce by half all those ‘just in case’ outfits!
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