Andy shares some Tuscan tales in today’s post -“Nearly every time I’ve been to Tuscany, it rained. A lot. So much for that ‘Tuscan sun’ – Tuscan umbrella, more like.”

Today Karen takes us on a tour of Trieste in Italy where caves & coffee’s, boats & trams, and a few other interesting things, can be found…

Karen shares with us some great destinations in Halkidiki, Greece. Fun, sun and some good food too!

Andy shares some tips on how to get the most out of your All Inclusive holiday.

Brrr… Winter warmers anyone? Karen shares with us, some her favourite European Winter Sun destinations.

Heather shows us the Spotlight on Berlin. There are many interesting sights along with some fabulous Street Art and some insights into some of the local cuisine!

Want to know how to save some money? Andy gives us his Top 5 Simple Savings Tips for Travel.

Karen takes us to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik offers some great attractions and Karen gives us some her recommendations…

Given Paris’s urban sprawl – the city does go on for miles and miles – you might be ready for a taste of the countryside, or at least some fresh air and something a little different…

Karen takes us round Spain’s capital, Madrid and offers some great things to do. Tapas Tours, Botanic Gardens and some free Museums should keep you busy!