Andy takes us to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In today’s blog post he gives us some great recommendations for day trips in the area.

Thailand is one of Southeast Asia’s tourism hotspots.  No surprise – from its mystique in cheesy 80s videos (only one night in Bangkok?), to the endless stories about things that probably should have stayed in Bangkok, it sounds like a pretty great travel destination.  And when you land at Bangkok’s state-of-the-art airport, you’ll think you […]

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is made up of seven states, the best known being Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  The dual-personality UAE uniquely and harmoniously combines an Islamic state, complete with Bedouin lifestyle and muezzin calls to prayers, with western-style nightlife and fun activities like classy shopping. Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE.from jemasmith Here’s three […]

Prague is one of Europe’s most visited cities, both by foreign as well as Europeans. But Prague’s charming squares and picturesque cobblestone streets are clogged. Tourists toting cameras, taxies ferrying families from one side of town to another – every time I return, I am aghast at just how busy it is. That doesn’t mean […]

If you’re looking for a tropical island holiday where you can swim in pools under beautiful waterfalls, spend time at tropical palm tree lined beaches reclining in a  hammock enjoying a laid back lifestyle and diving/snorkeling in a coral sea, the Maldives is an ideal destination. These islands offer many family activities and the shallow […]

Vegas is one of those places: either you love it or hate it. I think I hate to love it, versus loving to hate it. I don’t like the endless commotion, bustle, and noise but appreciate the “shock value” in the way it offers a one of a kind experience. If you haven’t been but […]

The era, buildings, music, history, people, food….you’ve guessed it, you’re in old Havana, Cuba. It seems that time stood still in Havana, with UNESCO-restored buildings looking their spruced up best and the local vehicles and attitudes reminiscent of the 1950’s.  If you’re looking for atmosphere, you’ve come to the right place.  Upon arrival,  take a […]

Ah, yes, the economy stinks. You’re really busy. Money is tight. But there’s no excuse not to give yourself a bit of a break. Regardless whether you’re working twice as hard to make ends meet or you’re not worried but still under pressure, if you don’t take breaks you can burn out. Stressed out and […]

Bilbao, the fourth largest city in Spain, lies in in the Basque country, close to Spain’s north Atlantic coast, about 60 miles west of the border with France.  You can reach Bilbao from the UK either by ferry from Portsmouth or by air with Easyjet from Stansted.  Bilbao has undergone massive regeneration from an industrialised […]

Italy is well known for its beautiful lakes, here are my three favourites. Lake Iseo Lake Iseo is located east of the city of Bergamo (a Ryanair hub) and to the west of the better known Lake Garda. I love Lake Iseo, it’s not so busy and touristy as the other lakes. It has an […]