Our latest survey has found that a quarter of UK parents who have taken their children on holiday in the past have let them drink alcohol underage, despite the majority of these claiming they wouldn’t let it happen back at home in the UK.

We decided to look into the holiday habits of families and surveyed 1,119 parents from the UK in our survey. All the respondents had children aged 13-17 and had been on holiday with them within the last 3 years.

23% of parents said they had let their underage child drink on holiday

When asked, ‘Have you ever let your child drink on holiday, despite them being underage?’ 23% of the parents polled said ‘yes’.

52% of the same respondents said that they didn’t allow their children to drink alcohol at home

The same respondents were asked if they ever allowed their children to drink alcohol back home in the UK, to which 52% said ‘no’. The parents that let their children drink on holiday were asked if their child became intoxicated, to which a fifth, 21% said ‘yes’.

28% of those who did let their children drink said that it was OK because ‘they were on holiday’

The top 5 reasons, as stated by the parents, for letting their children drink on holiday were:

–          Because they were on holiday – 28%

–          Think it’s legal – 22%

–          Safer to drink with parents – 19%

–          So they don’t moan if they aren’t allowed – 11%

–          Cheaper to drink abroad – 4%

When asked how old their child was when they first let them drink on holiday, the results were as follows:

–          Aged 10 – 11 – 4%

–          Aged 12 – 13 – 26%

–          Aged 14 – 15 – 47%

–          Aged 16 – 17 – 23%

Our advice is just to take care. Those of you that think the laws regarding the legal age for drinking alcohol abroad are different should always check before you leave. Whilst in some countries it may well be younger than in the UK, in other countries it is, in fact, 21.

Whilst many bars and restaurants are more lenient abroad, parents need to be careful that their child is safe and with them at all times. Being drunk in a foreign country, particularly underage, is not safe, nor is it something we would recommend.

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Posted : Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 at 11:00
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