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Romancing St. Lucia

When you travel to a drop dead gorgeous island such as St. Lucia, you might as well make the most of it, and indulge yourself in all the romantic moments that will present themselves to you and your partner.

Cliche, maybe.  Fabulous holiday, certainly.

drop dead gorgeous st lucia

This island has consistently been ranked as number one for the best honeymoon destination, but you don’t have to be freshly married to enjoy a romantic getaway. St. Lucia is an amazing place to simply appreciate one another and spend some quality time with a special someone. And because of its popularity, the island has a number of resorts and experiences that cater to those on a tight budget. Here’s some ideas to help you convince the other half to get packing.

Moonlit Beach Walks

Moonlit walks on the beach, as simple as they may seem, are undoubtedly one of the most romantic gestures you can experience together. Imagine; cooled sand digging between your toes, the breeze lightly blowing, creating small ripples in the gorgeous ocean, and the moon sitting on top of the horizon lighting the night. Besides the fact St. Lucia beaches are just as stunning during the day, the night-time brings a whole new glimpse of romance that is without a doubt priceless.

Fine Dining (without the Fuss)

St. Lucia is your ultimate setting for fine dining, but you can also enjoy some great cuisine without all the fuss; a wide array of romantic dining venues are located across the island, as well as various local dishes to choose from. Friday nights mark the weekly gathering of the Anse La Raye Fish Fry where locals and tourists all come together and can experience first rate seafood platters. There is plenty of music and dancing where you and your partner can enjoy the night away.

Restaurants located within the hotels are another very great option if you want to have some intimacy – ask the front desk about any specials or deals going on. The Coco-Palm Resort hosts one of the most romantic dining venues on the island, Ti Bananne, which serves amazing food. If you decide to dine there, try the cream of pumpkin soup with cream cheese fondue, as it is one of their specialities,  divine!

Soar Through the Rain Forest

This activity wouldn’t normally be on one’s itinerary for romantic events, but ziplining is so en vogue these days, so why not give it a try? If nothing else, it will be good for a laugh and some good pics to post on Facebook – and a great idea if the two of you are looking for a non-traditional way to have a little fun together. At Treetop Adventure Park in Dennery they offer eight different “cables” that go from 80ft long all the way up to 400ft through the rainforest. Now while you are dangling above ground and looking as each of you fly through the sky there’s no doubt you will see a whole new side of one another.

Whether you choose to keep it low key, or to do something a little more adventurous (there’s always hiking if the zipline thing goes poorly), St. Lucia is the perfect opportunity to stoke the flames of romance in your life.

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