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Spotlight on Calabria Region in Italy

Southern Italy’s long and narrow southern peninsula (the toe of Italy’s boot) is known as the Calabria region and has Catanzaro as its capital. With the Greek Ionian sea to the east, the Tyrrhenian sea to the west and Sicily to its south-west, Calabria‘s location is stunning.

Calabria, St Elia, Mare

Calabria’s approximately 2 million inhabitants are spread sparsely in what is mainly a mountainous region, with Aspromonte, Pollino and La Sila the main mountain ranges.

For such a small region, Calabria’s climate can be quite diverse. Typically Mediterranean climate is the norm by the Ionian and Tyrrhenian coastline, while drier, colder climes are experienced in the mountains.

Calabria, Roghudi Vecchio, Fiume

There is rich, if scattered, evidence of various civilisations, including Greeks. Lucanians, Goths and Romans who inhabited the area throughout its history.


The most populated, largest and oldest city of Calabria is Reggio which lies in a magnificent location halfway between the mainland and Sicily. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches and admire the Art Nouveau buildings. The city has some superb museums (the Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia and the old Aragonian Castle). The Botanical Gardens are also worth a visit.

The medieval city of Gerace by Locri has an ancient cathedral and a Norman castle. In Cosenza’s beautiful old quarter you’ll find Hohenstaufen Castle and a Romanesque Cathedral.


Catanzaro with its views of both the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas, has a lovely archaeological park, an interesting one-arch bridge called Viaduct Morandi-Bisantis, a castle and a promenade by the Ionian sea.

Calabria, Tropea

Tropea’s dramatic location on the Tyrrhenian Sea coast, its lovely beach and the Santa Maria dell’Isola sanctuary also make it an attractive place to visit.

Photo credits: Luca Galli, Michael from Minnesota, Claudio Lagana, Mikuzz

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