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Spotlight on Dunedin, New Zealand

Dunedin is the second largest city in New Zealand’s south island and the main city in the Otago Region. New Zealand’s first university, the University of Otaga opened in the city in 1869. Dunedin has the interesting statistic of being the farthest city in the world from both London and Berlin.

The Octagon at Otago Harbour is an interesting Plaza which was once a gully, filled in the mid nineteenth century.

Another walk through Dunedin, New Zealand

Dunedin’s climate is very interesting, although in general it has warm summers and cool winters,  the city’s micro-climates mean the weather can actually vary between suburbs, due to their proximity to the ocean and each individual location’s landscape. The relatively low rainfall means the city’s pleasantly walkable most of the time. However, beyond the city centre the climate changes, with cold winters accompanied by freezing ground fogs (especially by the Taieri River) and dry, hot summers.

Dunedin NZ   3

Main sights include the architecturally interesting train station, the Larnach and Cargill’s castles, the University of Otago Clocktower complex, the Meridian Mall and the Town Hall.  The Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Otago Settlers Museum and Hocken Library are also worth visiting. The supposedly haunted former Trinity Wesleyan Church is now home to the Fortune Theatre.

Dunedin Town Hall and St Paul's Cathedral

All Saints Church is impressive, as is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A stroll through the very ornamental Dunedin Chinese Garden and/or the Botanical Gardens is also highly recommended.

Dunedin NZ   3

Dunedin International Airport is on the Taieri Plains at Momona, about 18 miles from the city centre and the area is well connected by State Highways. The Taieri Gorge Limited is a famous tourist train running daily through the scenic Taieri Gorge. The Dunedin buses are both Otago Regional Council and privately-operated and between them offer excellent coverage of the city.

Purakanui, Dunedin, New Zealand

Photo credits: Phillip Capper, Rosino, Mr Thinktank, Ian Armstrong, Edwin Lee, Sarah Stewart

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