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Spotlight on Durban

The city of Durban lies on the Indian Ocean coast of east South Africa. Although it takes around twelve hours to fly to South Africa from the UK, at least you won’t suffer from jet lag, as the time in South Africa is only two hours ahead of the UK.

Durban is a popular holiday destination, due to the sub tropical climate and a coastline full of sandy beaches. The Golden Mile was developed in the 1970s, encompassing the beach, prom and the Sun Coast casino.

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Lonely Planet named Durban as one of the top ten beach vacation destinations for families. Surfing and kitesurfing are very popular on the beach.


One of the best times to go scuba diving is during the “sardine run” between May and July, when thousands of dolphins appear for these easy meals. When deep sea fishing you may even catch marlin, sailfish or billfish.

There are several theme parks in the area.  At Ushaka Marine World on the Golden Mile you can walk along the Ocean bed wearing a divers helmet, do some lagoon snorkelling and go down in a cage on a shark dive. Fun World has a cable car giving great views over the beach.  There’s also a swingboat, carousel and elephant themed ride. Crocodile Creek, about a 40 minute drive from Durban, offers hands-on guided tours giving you the chance to get up close to crocodiles, alligators and snakes.

South Africa - UShaka Marine World

The Durban Botanic Gardens has a sunken garden, a garden of the senses, a fern dell and a lake which is home to many waterbirds. The Botanic Tea Garden cafe is renowned for its crumpets and scones. It’s free to get into the the Japanese Garden in the north of the city, where there is also a play area and picnic benches.

The Durban Botanical Gardens

There are many annual events, including an International Film Festival in July-August and the Awesome Africa music festival in September.

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    ahhh the place of my birth. It’s such a wonderful place. If you like your food, make sure you check out the Bunny Chow!!

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