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Spotlight: Fethiye, Turkey

Fethiye is on Turkey’s Mediterannean coast and it faces the Greek island of Rhodes to the West. Fethiye is built on the location of the ancient town of Telmessos, destroyed 2400 years ago by earthquake, and it retains some of its ancient wonders. The nearby Dalaman airport, its lovely beaches, excellent yachting facilities and location at the start of the Lycian way (a 500-km hike through Tekke Peninsula’s rugged mountains to Antalya), make Fethiye a very attractive tourist destination.

Fethiye - Ölüdeniz

The fortress on the hill overlooking the city was built by the Knights of Rhodes and the elaborate rock tombs were carved into the faces of the cliffs by the Lycians. The Doric style tomb of Amnytas dates from the 4th century BC. Xanthos at Kinik village and Letoon by Kumluova village are other interesting Lycian period remnants, with temples dedicated to Artremis, Leto and Apollo. Fethiye also boasts numerous sarcopaghi, an ancient theatre and a tower.

Lycian rock tombs at Fethiye

The Belcegiz – Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon) with its 3 km of natural beach is one of Turkey’s most enchanting locations. Belcegiz Bay, Belcegiz Beach and Sovalye Island are perfect for sea lovers. There are also many camping and picnicking facilities around Fethiye. Kidiril Park is also worth visiting, particularly for its Byzantine ruins and the great views towards the Gemiler Islands.

Colosseum At Fethiye

Koturumsu with its lovely beach, pine forests, waterfalls and thousands of colourful butterflies is only accessible by boat. Katranci Bay, Göcek harbour, Kusuk Kargi Bay and Oyuktepe are also wonderfully natural locations, richly deserving of a visit. Paragliding from Baba mountain with magnificent views of the great beach lagoon is a recently popular high adrenalin sport.

Kelebekler Vadisi

Try taking the relatively cheap day tour of Fethiye bay of with its 12 islands. Katranci and Göcek islands, Cleopatra’s bath, Göbün and Pine bays are some of the lovely locations you will encounter. Other popular attractions include the famous Fethiye Market and a visit to the lavish marble Turkish baths, which will provide a relatively inexpensive but most memorable experience.

Street Traders - Fethiye Market 15-09-09

Image Credits: Chris Parfitt, astolath, Bekir Topuz

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