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Spotlight: Finding the Romantic Side of Miami

Miami isn’t just for the raucous partying jet-set.  It’s also the perfect couple’s getaway, but even if you’ve got family in tow, you can find some fantastic romance experiences.  An intimate dinner for two on a sunset cruise, a relaxing weekend inside a world-class spa, enjoy an exciting cultural experience, head to the beach, the list goes on and on what is possible to do in the area. Depending on the type of experience you are looking for (adventurous, simple, food lovers, cultural, etc.) there is a perfect date set up for you in Miami!

Let’s take a look at 5 “date night” ideas to do on your next trip to Florida.

Sunset Dining

This one’s for all you romantics out there: explore the Miami coastline with an intimate dinner cruise. The cruises leave the coast of Miami taking you on a sunset cruise around the area where you can watch dolphins play, the sun set and the magical Miami skyline at night. Private tables for two, world-class menus and champagne toasts are the norm on Miami dinner cruises. Plus, some cruises even offer dancing under the stars once dinner is over while you’re cruising through the bay.  Best views in town, guaranteed.

Travel to ‘Cuba’

If you and your date like ethnic food and experiencing something a bit different, spend your time together strolling around Little Havana. You will be surrounded in the Cuban culture and may even feel that you are on an exotic getaway. With the beats flowing and all the fun entertainment to experience this will be a date worth remembering.

Take a Picnic at Jungle Island

A picnic is always a fun idea for any day date, but Miami beach can just get so crowded. They can be romantic, simple or however you decide to plan it. But if you enjoy animals and nature, Jungle Island is the ideal place to have your picnic. There you will be surrounded by beautiful nature and able to explore all the exotic animals and beautiful tropical setting. You will not be short of conversation at Jungle Island, nor will you be short on interesting snaps for your Pinterest or Instagram profile!

Flying Trapeze School

This is for all those adventurous folks out there! Enjoy learning how to ‘fly’ on your date at the Flying Trapeze School, located at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami. From first-timers to frequent flyers, classes are open to everyone, and if you are just interested in a one-time lesson, go for it! Learning to swing from the trapeze bars is sure to be a memorable date and one heck of an experience!

Discover Your Fairytale

When you head to Vizacaya Museum & Gardens it will feel as though you are stepping into a fairytale book. Perhaps out of place in this beach city, the palace is breathtaking right when you step through the front doors.  The museum is filled with European antiques and decorative works from the 16th to 19th centuries, and complete with original touches, it will truly whisk you away to a golden age. Pair this up with lunch at a classic Miami restaurant and you have yourself a dream date!

Photos by Ines Hegedus-Garcia & Alan White

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