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Spotlight on Graz, Austria

Graz is the second largest city in Austria. For the best views of the city you should go to the top of Schlossberg. You could take the easy option of the train.

2007 07 01 - 0508 - Graz - Schlossbergbahn

Or climb up the steps!

2007 07 01 - 0517 - Graz - Schlossberg

There used to be a castle at the top but it was destroyed by Napoleon, so now you’ll find the Clock Tower and a lovely park.

Clock Tower

You can’t visit Graz without seeing the glockenspiel where the two wooden sculptures, dressed in traditional costume, perform a dance at 11am, 3pm and 6pm.


Graz was the European City of Culture in 2003. The Kunsthaus (Art house) was one of the buildings constructed for this event. Known locally as the friendly alien, you’ll find contemporary art from the 1960s to the present day on display here.


The shell shaped Murinsel, floating on the River Mur, was another City of Culture addition. It’s reached by footbridge and houses a cafe and a playground.


The Stadlesen event literally meaning ‘read in the city’, will take place 1 – 4 September 2011. Weather permitting, you’ll select your book and a bean bag and relax to do some outdoors reading in one of the citie’s beautiful squares. There are alternative indoor venues if the weather turns bad.

Stadtlesen.com in Graz

The annual Graz Jazz Festival takes place for two weeks in July, George Benson was top of the bill for the 2011 event.


Photo credits: southtyrolean, Andrew Bossi, Jason, Andrea Nuzzo, Joshua Albers, Horst Gutmann, Gunnar Grimnes, ochoresotto

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