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Spotlight on Kos

The Greek island of Kos lies in the South Sporades group of the Dodecanese islands, just 4 kms from town of Bodrum in Turkey.  The main city-port, tourist and cultural centre is called Kos town.  The town is dominated by the 14th century fortress, erected by The Knights of Saint John of Rhodes.

Neratzia (The Castle of Kos)

The Plane Tree of Hippocrates in the town centre is where this ancient Kos physician taught and the nearby ruins of Asklepieion (Healing Temple) are where he practiced medicine.  This was one of the best known sanatoriums of that Ancient World. If you want to find out more about the island’s history you can visit the Archaeological Museum.

The Asklepeion, Kos

Kos is both a deeply religious and tolerant island and has one of the four Christian Orthodox cathedrals of the Dodecanese, a Roman Catholic church, a Mosque and a (restored) Synagogue.

Kos market (agora) is very colourful place with typical island wares on display. Local fresh produce such as grapes, figs, almonds, olives, tomatoes and fish can be found here. There’s been a market here for thousands of years, it used to be one of the largest markets in Greece.

Zia - Greek Island of Kos

The beautiful, mountainous village of Zia, 16 km south of Kos town, offers authentic atmosphere and great views of the island. Asomatos, 14 km south of Kos, offers traditional architecture within cool verdant surroundings and remains mostly unspoiled by tourism. Mastichari, 27 km south west of Kos, has a lovely small port and is the departure point for summer excursions to Kalymnos island, famous for its sponges.

Lunch stop on Kos

For excellent beaches, try the popular Lambi or Psalidi, close to Kos town, Paradise Cove for its crystal-clear water and lush greenery, or Tigaki for clear but shallow waters. There are hot springs in the rocks close to the  black sand beach at Therma..

For nightlife, in addition to Kos town, Kardamena is a popular resort with a good number of bars and nightclubs. Also, Greek tavernas provide traditional music, great food and entertainment into the small hours.

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