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Spotlight on Lake Trasimeno, Italy

Lake Trasimeno (a.k.a the Lake of Perugia) south of the river Po, is one of Italy’s largest and most shallow lakes (4m deep). It has formed at the site of an ancient sea’s deep depression and is maintained by rainfall alone. As such, the water levels vary significantly, also depending on the requirements of nearby villages and towns. However, the water quality in Lake Trasimeno is excellent and swimming is possible from May to September. The lake’s interesting islands, the 1995-established natural park covering the entire lake surface and the shores, the 50 km cycle shore path and the other many cross-country paths make Lake Trasimeno an excellent location for relaxation and recreation. sunset...

Apart from its own many attractions, the general area the lake’s in makes for an excellent base for exploring this part of Italy. Lake Trasimeno’s located in the heart of Umbria/Tuscany, approximately half way between Florence and Rome and has great railway and motorway links.

Castiglione del Lago

Of the three islands in the lake, Isola Polvese is the largest, followed by Isola Maggiore which is the only one inhabited, with a small fishing village and a the ruins of a 14th century Franciscan monastery. Maggiore Isle’s late 19th century Guglielmi Castle was built on the foundations of an old Franciscan church. Finally, Isola Minore is the smallest of the three islands and contains a pentagonal-structure castle, the well-preserved ruins of a church and a monastery.

Castiglione del Lago

Monte del Lago, Castiglione del Lago, Borghetto and Passignano sul Trasimeno are some of the towns around Lake Trasimeno, with S.Arcangelo, Tuoro, S.Feliciano and Torricella nearby. Older, smaller towns, villages and odd fortifications like the Passignano tower and Zocco castle are also worth visiting.

Lago Trasimeno

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