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Spotlight on Marmaris, Turkey

The seaside resort of Marmaris lies on the Lycian Coast of South East Turkey, near the Greek islands of Kos to the West and Rhodes to the South West.  Marmaris lies about 60 kilometres from the provincial capital of Muğla and its boundaries are defined by a huge mountainous forest.


The Locals

In summary, the Marmaris locals are very hospitable, it’s a great place for families, partying, shopping, sun-worshiping, and also for visiting the nearby islands or countryside. With two major and several smaller marinas, Marmaris is also a major sailing and diving centre and an over-wintering location for cruising boaters. However, if you’re not a very confident person, stick to the busy areas only and give Marmaris a miss if you can’t cope with over-friendly local males.

Marmaris [TR]

A bit of history

Through its long and rich history, Marmaris was under the rule of Alexander the Great, Cretans Egyptians, Assyrians, Ionians, Dorians, Romans and finally Ottoman Turks. Its castle, which all these conquerors kept and enhanced due to its strategic importance, has been converted to a seven-galleries museum by the Turkish Ministry of Culture.


Shopping & Nightlife

Turkey is the world’s second largest cotton producer and in general clothes are reasonably priced. Marmaris shopping is exceptional: go with an almost empty suitcase and buy all the cheap good quality fake designer clothes you can find. Try some of them on while you’re still there.  Marmaris has excellent nightlife, with most clubs and bars along the coast between the old town, lovely marina and the small resort of  Icmeler.

Old Town, Marmaris

Value for money

In general, with the exception of the expensive airport, Marmaris is good value for money, although not dirt-cheap. You can purchase Turkish SIM cards to call home, try using local phone boxes, which can be surprisingly cheap. Eating out won’t break the bank either (unless you fall for the charms of some of the overly-pushy restaurateurs) and you’ll have money left over for some lovely excursions.

Days Out

Some recommended day trips include Dalyan, whereby leaving the resort either by bus or river boat you can take in the famous turtle beach, mud baths and King’s tombs, the bizarre cascades of travertine and mineral pools of Pamukkale, and Ephesus with its Temple of Artemis (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World ), Library of Celsius and the Ancient Brothel .

One thing’s for sure, your time in Marmaris will pass far too quickly!

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