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Spotlight on Perth, Australia

Perth, on the banks of the river Swan, is the capital and largest city of Western Australia. Perth is situated facing west on the Indian Ocean and has a fast-growing population of just under 2 million. Originally founded as a political centre in 1829.  With the exception of Adelaide in South Australia, Perth is nearer to Jakarta than any other Australian city.

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Perth’s also known internationally as the “City of Light”, for literally switching on all its lights as two different US spaceships passed overhead. In addition, Perth’s unique local music scene has earned it the nickname  “the new Seattle”.


The area was originally home to the hunter-gatherer Aboriginal Whadjuk Noongar people, for who the Upper Swan River area is steeped in folklore and spiritually.

Perth has a classic Mediterranean climate (but in reverse order compared to Europe), with cool, wet winters (July to end September) and hot, dry, summers (December to late March).

The annual Perth International Arts Festival is a cultural event not to be missed.

Perth Australia

The Perth Cultural Centre includes the Western Australian Museum (with a grand collection of Aboriginal artefacts), the Alexander Library, the Art Gallery of Western Australia (which houses the State Art Collection) and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts. Victoria Quay’s unusual WA Maritime Museum is another must-see. In addition, Fremantle’s new Western Australian Maritime Museum is amazing as it also includes the 1983 Americas Cup winning yacht and a retired Australian Navy submarine.

Perth Australia

You can also visit the central business district, between Kings Park and the Swan River. Here the main entertainment choices and retail therapy that Perth has to offer are mainly concentrated in Hay and Murray Streets; you can also take in the city’s tallest building, Central Park.

Perth Entertainment Center

Perth Concert Hall is world-famous for opera, theatre and, ballet, while the 2011 State Theatre Centre of Western Australia in Northbridge with its three performance spaces is state of the art. If you have the opportunity, visit Perth’s Western Australian Youth Orchestra, a premier music ensemble for gifted amateurs under 25 years of age.

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