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Spotlight on Vigo, Spain

The city of Vigo is in north-west Spain’s Galicia province, by the Atlantic Ocean and quite near the border with Portugal to the South. Vigo is surrounded by mountains, while the large charming Cíes Islands of Monte Agudo ou do Norte and San Martino ou do Sur and the tiny islet of Dos Vinos are only a short sail away, just off its north-sheltered beautiful bay.

In Vigo, buses provide urban transport and there are highways linking to Lisbon, the A Coruña area and Ourense. There is a ferry service to the Galicia National Park Cíes Islands. Vigo’s Peinador Airport provides direct flights to some European capitals.

Sailing and nautical sports are big in Vigo, with the 1906-established Real Club Nautico and the 1907 Liceo Marítimo de Bouzas welcoming experienced and novice sailors. Several schools of sailing provide comprehensive and intensive training. Summer sailing events like the Atlantic Week, the Regata Vila de Bouzas, the Regata de Solitarios y a Dos and the Regata Rías Baixas attract many different boats from international locations. The annual cephalopods fishing competition is also pretty interesting to either watch or participate in.

For sunbathing and swimming, try the Vao, Samil, Carril and Canido beaches, each with different character on the mainland, or with a little more effort, the fantastic central Cíes Island beach.

Vigo’s Romanesque churches (Santiago de Bembrive, Santa Maria de Castrelos and San Salvador de Coruxo) are world renowned. The city’s historic centre (Casco Vello) is where the night-time action is concentrated, while the modern centre (Policarpo Sanz and Porta do Sol) and the commercial area (around Urzaiz and Príncipe) makes for interesting shopping. The Celtic Castro ruins and fortress are beautiful during sunset. The Museum of the Sea, the Galician Center of Photography, the Ethnographic Museum Liste and the Pinacoteca de Vigo are also excellent visitor destinations.

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