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Where to Store Your Holiday Photos Online

Photo storage for holiday pics is a hot topic these days. I don’t have a statistical or scientific reason why, but it could be because we’re taking so many photos with our smartphones these days. Don’t store photos on your phone, it will only lead to heartbreak. I don’t speak from experience but I hear lots of stories of broken or stolen phones and the thing that is of real value are the photos.

Get those pics off there and onto something else. Where?  Here are some suggestions.


Cost: Free

I don’t like this option, but I know that everyone is doing it. Facebook allows you to create albums that are easy to share, easy to comment (for those who have a FB account – are there people that don’t have one?), and with mobile apps and various web tools, uploading is easy.

So why do I have a problem with it? Facebook’s terms of service state that any photos uploaded can be used as promotional material – e.g. a company advertising on Facebook can use your photo, or Facebook can take your photo and put it in a magazine ad, for example.

While there haven’t been many egregious examples, that is their terms of service, so just be careful what you upload here, ok?


Cost:  Free to $25/year

I personally use Flickr because, well, it used to be quite the social hotspot. I still use it because I like the simplicity of uploading, tagging, grouping photos, displaying them on my blog, etc. It’s just easy to use. A lot of people say Flickr is going “down hill,” but really, they have just not added many features lately. That suits me just fine because the base functionality is fine. If you have a blog or website you post photos too, this is a good option.

The Flickr “pro” account is so you can upload more photos per year. They throttle the account based on photo size – while you can upload as much as you want, you can only see the most recent uploads if you go over your limits.


Cost: $40/year+

Smugmug is what many professional photographers I know use and love. One of the main features that I know is popular is the ability to create galleries and password protect them, so for example, your family and loved ones can take a peek at your latest holiday photos without having to share them with the world. Smugmug also offers a lot of presentation styling and options, making your photos look good.

All those features come with a price – accounts start at $40USD and go up. They do offer a free trial so you can explore before you buy.


Cost: Free – $50/year

500px is also popular with the professional photographer crowd, and these days it is looking almost a bit like a Pinterest/Tumblr combo, with gorgeous photo galleries, with the ability to comment and like photos as well as the option to buy a photo from the photo page.

That sounds dreamy, but the free account only allows you 10 uploads per week; to get to unlimited photos, you’ll need to pay. At least that gives you a chance to check it out.


Cost: $30+

Last but not least is Zenfolio, which is really geared more for creating a mini-website of sorts that lets you store and display your photos as well as additional information about where you went on your trip. It also targets the professional photographer crowd.

I’m not a huge fan of this one – I think you’d be better served with setting up something like a WordPress website. But, like all of these options, depends on what you are looking for, so consider your options before deciding to pay – or not.

All prices in US Dollar.

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