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Surfing in Baja, Mexico

Surfing in Baja, Mexico takes it back to the basics when surfing was an adventure and not part of a packaged deal. With that being said, you could imagine there aren’t as many people lining up to surf here but don’t let this discourage you as surfing in Baja, Mexico makes for the perfect vacation memory and a great way to try something new without spending a fortune (and, if it goes wrong, there are margaritas to soothe any weary bones.)

Tons of open space and waves are the norm so if you have a chance to exchange your overpriced package ‘deal’ in for a surfing adventure in Baja, do it! The prices are a much more affordable and in turn you will get the overall same experience, but with less crowds and plenty of wide open space. (Not to imply that you need a little extra space, but – well – you know.)

So if you’re here, where to surf?  Some suggestions.

baja surfingPlaya La Fonda This beach is located in the North Western part of Baja in the long beach break. La Fonda offers some of the best beaches available in the area and most of which have great surf experiences.

San Miguel This community, located in the North Western part of Baja in the right point, is known to be the most consistent point break for surfers in this area. So with that being said, the crowds will gather here once they hear about the waves being good for that day.

Isla Natividad The population may be small but the waves are big! This tiny community is located right between Isla Cedros and Punta Eugenia and is home to the world-famous Open Doors break on the SE side of the island. If you are into camping as well, this is your destination!

Playa Los Cerritos This is one of the most popular beaches and great for beginners. Because of the popularity of beginners you may find yourself dodging flying surfboards and running into boogie boarders as well. However, if you’re looking for surf lessons while you’re on vacation this is a great place to start.

Playa Costa Azul This beach has three of the most well-known surf breaks in Southern Baja. If you take a look from Mexico1 you can get a nice look-see of what there is to offer you that day. Nice-sized waves can be found in the summertime most definitely but what many don’t realize that up until mid-November you can find some great surf rides. During low tide beware of pointy rocks in the ocean.

Playa Acapulquito Also known as Old Man’s reef break is another great longboarding and beginner surfing turf. This beach is located right in front of the Cabo Surf Hotel and when the waves are good the crowds can get pretty heavy. This area is a little more established than a lot of the other beaches so there will be more commotion going on here as well. However, just give it a little wait and you will be catching those waves in no time!

Final Tips

Not to sound like your grandmother, but… don’t forget your waterproof sun cream (that sun can be brutal), hydrate before you overdo it on the margaritas, and have fun – even if you’re an awful surfer, smile and laugh because, well, at least you tried. If it is your first time surfing, I would plan just a couple of days to try and get into it – the experience can be physically exhausting, even though it doesn’t look so!

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