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Surviving flights with kids

We all know it’s not easy travelling any kind of distance with babies, toddlers and children particularly while confined to relatively little space. Here’s our Top 10 list to make the journey as hassle free as possible for you and your fellow passengers.

  1. Pack a carry on bag with some of your children’s favourite toys and something new, either a  story book or colouring and sticker books. Choose toys wisely avoiding noisy toys and those with small parts or you’ll be the one re-enacting awkward yoga moves between the seats.

    ask to have your meals in turn, rather than all at once

    ask to have your meal in turns, rather than together

  2. A portable DVD player is a great form of entertainment. Taking a few DVD’s of your child’s favourite TV programme will ensure at least a few minutes quiet time, just don’t forget the headphones. Make sure those important electrical items; DVD player,MP3’s and handheld games etc are fully charged before travelling.
  3. Take some non-sugary snacks and drinks on-board, as considerable time can pass before flight attendants serve food and drinks. A plastic food container is an ideal way for storing half-eaten or untouched meals for later.
  4. If your flight includes an in-flight meal and you’re travelling with more than one adult, ask the cabin crew if you can have one meal at a time, allowing you to eat while your partner looks after the kids and vice-versa!
  5. If needed pack twice as many nappies, wipes and powdered formula that you think you’ll need, as you never know when delays may occur.  If taking ready made formula through security be prepared to open and taste it due to the liquid restrictions. Take spare clothes for you all, in case of accidents and maybe a plastic bag to put wet clothes in if any accidents do occur.

    Empty row of seats

    don't be scared to ask for an empty row of seats

  6. For children not long out of nappies, it’s worth considering putting them back into one for the flight in case they fall asleep and have an accident. Cabin pressure can do funny things!
  7. To help with popping ears during take off and landing its worth having a bottle or pacifier ready for babies and toddlers, and for older children boiled sweets are ideal.
  8. Taking your child’s favourite bedtime toy, teddy or blanket will help settle them on a long flight.
  9. If your flight isn’t full, why not ask the flight crew if you can move to an empty row of seats? Other passengers may not mind moving if it helps with a sleeping/quieter child.
  10. Always hold something back from the treats/toys you have packed and only bring it out when absolutely needed.
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5 Responses to “Surviving flights with kids”

  1. Chris C says:

    Here’s one that jumps to mind for me –
    When you go through security with children, often one parent takes kids while other manages bags, buggies etc. If you’re still breast feeding please make sure it’s Mum who hangs back and has to taste the liquids….

  2. Elaine says:

    Great advice – I’d also add to do your best not to let your child kick the seat infront – makes for better travel relationships!

  3. Justin Parks says:

    I was wondering, are there any fees on buggies in combination with luggage when flying with kids, in other words, can I expect to have to pay for more baggage?

  4. Chris C says:

    Hi Justin,
    almost all airlines we’ve dealt with allow you to take one buggy or pram per child free of charge. You can normally keep it right up until you are boarding the plane too!

  5. Justin Parks says:

    Ah thats good to know, cheers Chris.

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