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Two Thirds of Brits Make Friends on Holiday

Our latest survey has found out that Britons are a very friendly nation, as two-thirds of you claim to have made friends with fellow tourists on your last overseas holiday.

We surveyed a total of 2,016 UK adults as part of research into the holiday habits of British holidaymakers. Each of the respondents had been on holiday abroad within the last 12 months.

67% of those polled said that they made friends with fellow holidaymakers on their last trip abroad

When asked, ‘Did you socialise and/or make friends with fellow holidaymakers on your last trip abroad?’ 67% of those who took part in the study said ‘yes’.

However, only 35% of those kept in touch with any of the people they met on their last holiday

These respondents were then asked whether or not they had kept in touch with any of the people they met on their last holiday, to which a third, 35%, said ‘yes’. However, 28% of those said that they would’ve liked to keep in touch, but they didn’t exchange contact details with the people that they had met. 2% of those who stayed in touch with their ‘holiday friends’ said that they were going on holiday together again in the future.

Yorkshire was found to be home to the friendliest holidaymakers

We then asked those who said that they had made friends on holiday where they lived, in order to try and find out where was home to the ‘friendliest’ holidaymakers.

According to our poll, the friendliest holidaymakers are from the following areas, so if you make the list, well done you!

1.       Yorkshire

2.       Devon

3.       Essex

4.       Glamorgan

5.       Cornwall

6.       Sussex

7.       Nottinghamshire

8.       Herefordshire

9.       Avon

10.    Aberdeenshire

Almost all respondents thought meeting friends had made their holiday more enjoyable

When asked if they thought that making new friends had made their holiday a more enjoyable experience, 91% said ‘yes’.

Many people like to keep themselves to themselves, whilst others enjoy mingling and meeting new people. It’s great when you make new friends on holiday, especially when you get on so well that you want to go on holiday with them again!

Providing that the people you meet don’t want to spend every waking minute with you, meeting new people can add a whole new dimension to a holiday and can give you much more to talk about and a lot more to do. So, go on, get chatting!

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